Player-Owned Ports

Those of you with level 90 in at least one of Fishing, Herblore, Prayer, Runecrafting, Thieving or Slayer (as well as RuneScape membership) can take ownership of your very own port town, accessed via a portal at the north end of Port Sarim. The place has seen better days, but – after a chat with worldly entrepreneur John Strum – you’ll soon have it up and running as a bustling, ever-evolving hub of commerce, sending ships to explore, do battle and find exotic treasures in the Eastern Lands.POP_Thumb-30165018.png

If you don’t have the levels you need just yet, you can get a taste of ports gameplay by entering the portal and talking to Meg – a wannabe adventurer seeking advice for her travels.


Once the port’s re-opened, you’ll be the proud owner of one ship. You’ll name her, hire a captain, crew her with an assortment of diversely skilled nautical ne’er-do-wells, and send her off on voyages to the Eastern Lands, with the goal of harvesting the east’s untapped bounty. The likelihood of success depends on how well the skills of your ship’s crew fit the task at hand, and also on how you’ve fitted your ship – for example, you’ll stand the best chance of waylaying a roving band of pirates if you fill your ship with fierce combatants and top-notch cannons.

Voyages will progress in real time. Depending on your success, they can yield resources such as bamboo, spices, chi and lacquer, among others, which can be used to upgrade your port and ships, and to craft amazing new gear for you to wear and food for you to eat.