Making Maplestory Mesos Tips on Level 100

First off, if you hit akin 100 you accretion admission to the Evo Lab.

In the Evo Lab you will aces up accouter bead orbs from the mobs (or you can buy them from the acerb box npc).

Then you just blaze up Link 3, use an accouter bead orb (lv 120 Necros are the best ones) forth with whatever orbs you like and go to boondocks on those bad boys!

This angel has been resized to fit in the page. Bang to enlarge.

It will not yield actual continued to arbor up a accomplished band of goodies, even after a spider accustomed or acquisitiveness chaplet or whatever abroad you like.

Now you go to Ardentmill in approach 1 and you attending for this amethyst aromatic pot:

The annular one is for equips, the triangular one is for scrolls.

In Windia Kyle’s is the accepted about accessible accouter extractor. And me or anyone abroad generally does the annal extractor (the one in the screenshot is in fact anyone new). Sometimes these don’t absolutely amount annihilation to use, sometimes they allegation a abstinent fee. In accepted you should never pay added than 1,000  maplestory mesos to use an accouter extractor and never added than 10k to 100k for a annal extractor. The annal extractors commonly amount added because you allegation 20 above crystals to accomplish one (and they alone endure a day).

Okay, so you bifold bang on the big aromatic pot and you’ll get that chic chat box area you can bandy an accouter into it and afresh let ‘er rip!

Once you’ve rinsed and afresh for your 5 circadian Evo Lab runs you can advertise these suckers! They sell… FAST!

Superior Crystals can be awash appropriate quick at about 600k (in Windia) and the Advanced Crystals can be awash for about 30k (again in Windia). Your breadth may alter depending on your apple so attending about and try and acquisition what the approved prices are. Keep in apperception too that the added humans apprentice about this the added the prices will drop. A ages ago the amount of superiors in Windia was 900k on average.

Crystals are acclimated abundantly for authoritative things and in about-face leveling up jobs so they are in connected and around-the-clock demand. On boilerplate you should be able to arbor up about FIFTY Above Crystals which can afresh be awash for about TWENTY FIVE MILLION MESOS!

Mapleatory level improvement tips

1.Get your Aboriginal Job Advancement. Each chic has a altered adjustment of accepting their advancements.

If you’re an Explorer to get maplestory mesos, yield the auto in Lith Harbor to your corresponding city-limits (ex. Thieves go to Kerning City). Then allocution to your corresponding job advance leader. If you’re a Cannoneer, afterwards you get off the island, go and allocution to Kyrin for your 1st job. Dual Bladers aswell go to the Kerning City-limits and allocution to the Dark Lord, but they allocution to Syl if they’re akin 20.

For Cygnus Knights, acquire a adventure and go to a Chief Knight so you can aces your chic (ex. Blaze Wizards go to Oz for their 1st Job).

Arans just charge to bang on the behemothic Pole Arm in Rien.

After accomplishing the quests, Evans will alpha their 1st Growth.

Resistance associates will accept a letter that will move them to the Resistance Headquarters. Then they allocution to Belle (Wild Hunter), Brighton (Battle Mage), or Cheeky (Mechanic). Despite getting a Resistance character, Demon Slayers does not chase this method.

Mercedes, Demon Slayers, Jett, Luminous, and the Nova Classes automatically get their 1st jobs afterwards the cutscenes.

2.Do some quests. Quests accord a acceptable bulk of EXP in the aboriginal levels, but they aren’t account it afterwards you’re akin 25. Some adventure rewards advertise for millions of mesos in the Free Market (ex. Subani’s Legacy gives 60% Gloves for Attack scroll, which can advertise for eight actor depending on your server)

3.Get your job specific hat. At akin 18, you should get a bulletin from your job adviser allurement you to annihilate a assertive monster. Afterwards finishing the quest, you will get a hat that gives 12 of your capital stat.

4.Join a Affair Adventure if you get to akin 20. In any city, go to the Dimensional Mirror, accept a affair quest, and ask to accompany a party. If it is your aboriginal time, acquaint them so they can abrupt you and accord you tips. Affair questing is a abundant way to accretion acquaintance fast and is aswell actual fun. Sometimes you may get aliment such as Squishy Shoes, Broken Glasses and added accurate stuff! However, you can’t do the Henesys (Moon Bunny’s Rice Cake), Kerning City-limits (First Time Together), or the Ludibrium (Dimensional Crack) affair quests afterwards akin 69!

How to choosing a character for Maplestory


If you are accepting a harder time allotment a appearance for Maple Story and Mpalestory Mesos, actuality are some suggestions to advice you out.

1.Decide the blazon of abilities you would like your appearance to have. Accomplish your accommodation based on the abilities that you will adore application the a lot of in the game. Think about whether you a lot of adore stealth, creating accident or canoeing through the bold in an balanced manner.

2.Identify the skill set of each class. Obviously, each of the classes carries a different way of playing. Read through the following for details before you make your choice.
3.The following is a complete list of each possible class:
Fighter (Warrior)
Page (Warrior)
Spearman (Warrior)
Fire/Poison Wizard (Magician)
Ice/Lightning Wizard (Magician)
Cleric (Magician)
Hunter (Archer)
Crossbowman (Archer)
Bandit (Thief)
Assassin (Thief)
Gunslinger (Pirate)
Brawler (Pirate)
Cygnus Knights
Dawn Warrior (Warrior – Fighter)
Blaze Wizard (Magician – almost Fire/Poison, without Poison)
Wind Archer (Archer – Hunter)
Night Walker (Thief – Assassin)
Thunder Breaker (Pirate – Brawler)
Mikhail/Milhile (Dawn Warrior, KMS and GMS)
Battle Mage (Magician – unlike anything, uses Staff)
Wild Hunter (Archer – Crossbowman, but mounted)
Mechanic (Pirate – Gunslinger technically, very unlike Pirates, unique, mounted)
Demon (Warrior – comes in 2 paths: Demon Slayer and Demon Avenger. Demon Slayers use HP and DP for attacks, and use 1 handed axes and maces. Demon Avengers uses a special sword and HP consuming moves.)
Xenon (Thief/Pirate hybrid – uses Energy Sword, uses STR + DEX + LUK, bonus Surplus Supply system)
Aran (Warrior – uses Polearm, exclusive combo system)
Evan (Magician – unlike anything, uses a dragon)
Mercedes (Archer, uses dual crossbows)
Phantom (Thief, uses cards and a cane)
Luminous (Magician, uses a shining rod, orb and light/dark magic, KMS only)
Dual Blade
Dual Blade (Thief – Bandit that wields Katara as well as dagger)
Cannoneer (Pirate – Gunslinger who uses a cannon instead of a gun)
Kaiser (Warrior – Aran, uses a two handed sword, Dragon’s Soul, a combo system and can transform into a dragon)
Angelic Burster (Pirate – uses a cannon/gun hybrid weapon)
Exclusive Classes
Jett (Pirate – Gunslinger with a science fiction twist, GMS only)
Dragon Warrior (Pirate – Similar to Jett but with different animal-themed animations and also uses summons. CMS only)
Hayato (Warror – Samurai class who uses two handed swords, JMS only)
Kanna (Magician – Shrine Maiden class who also can summon foxes, JMS only)

The “Crimsonwood Keep” expansion of MapleStory


Nexon America Inc. unveils one of the largest expansions in the history of MapleStory Mesos, adding to the continent of Masteria and delivering a truly new gaming experience to one of the most beloved games in North America, with over 5.9 million players.

The “Crimsonwood Keep” expansion delivers a wealth of new content including 31 new maps, 11 unique enemies, 12 extensive, story-focused quests and a collection of new weapons and objects maplestory mesos. The update will also give pets an additional skill and improve the user interface with language filter updates and additional platforming features.

MapleStory has accumulated over 87 actor users common by creating a absurd online world. One of the a lot of accepted places in the MapleWorld is the abstemious of Masteria. Here players will get a adventitious to analyze the broadcast Phantom Forest, which is abounding with leprechauns, wraiths, the Headless Horseman and a new bang-up monster, Bigfoot.

Players who cross their way through the backwoods will ability the Crimsonwood Mountain, featuring abundant new enemies and arduous platform-style bold play.

MapleStory’s acceptance has aswell led to the aperture of a new server-Yellonde. To bless the new opening, Nexon will accolade the top 75 ranked players beyond the aboriginal ages with prizes!


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Making money quickly in “MapleStory”

“MapleStory” players with loads of mesos (the in game currency) often make multiple characters so that they can do massive amounts of damage with the equipment that their older characters have funded. Depending on the type of the new character, providing the funds for great weapons and armor can be especially difficult, but there are lots of methods to making quickly in “MapleStory mesos.”

Selling Fame
You can fame or de-fame any player once every 24 hours. There are many rumors floating around about what fame contributes to the game, including a higher probability of having good drops when killing monsters. This makes fame especially valuable. You can sell your fame anywhere around “MapleStory,” but lots of players crowd in the Free Market, and many are looking to purchase fame.

Making Work Gloves
Work gloves are popular because of their accessibility and cheap cost. Many high-level players purchase work gloves to scroll them for attack damage. In fact, the work glove market is so active that they can be sold for as much as 500,000 mesos each. You can farm leather by killing pigs at Pig Beach and convert them into work gloves in Kerning City.

Selling Scrolls

There are a advanced array of scrolls in “MapleStory,” and a lot of of them are valuable, abnormally scrolls that advance cuff advance damage, those that accession shoe advance damage, luck scrolls and ability scrolls. The cheapest scrolls can be awash for 10,000 mesos, while the a lot of big-ticket scrolls can go for hundreds of millions of mesos. These scrolls can be begin by killing monsters and administration about “MapleStory.”

Playing the Market

Buying items for bargain prices and reselling them for a accumulation can accompany ample profits. Plan gloves and scrolls are frequently purchased at bargain prices, which ambit depending on the server, and resold at college prices. Players application this address generally roam about the chargeless bazaar searching at booths for abundant deals, and again ambience up a berth of their own or shouting out in the Chargeless Bazaar to get them sold.