So you want to PQ in Ludibrium… there are a lot of things you need to learn before you begin. First of all, you need to be at least level 35 to play the quest (and less than level 50). Because of this, I’ll assume you’re already very familiar with the Kerning City PQ, and use PQ terminology without explaining it (track, miss, etc). But there are a lot of very big changes from the Kerning City party quest. You now have a full hour to complete the quest, which means you’ll be waiting to get in for a lot longer than before. If you miss, you’ll be waiting another 45 minutes to try again. If your party doesn’t have a track, you’ll be waiting an hour and a half at least, assuming your party gets the track the first time another party gets in. Also, you need 6 party members this time around, 2 more than in Kerning. Lastly, the boss is much harder, and therefore the bonuses are much better.
Getting In s3
If you’re forming a party you should be aware that your party should consist mostly of level 40 players and up. You’ll certainly have no problem if you invite a few 35-39 players to your party, but too many and you’ll have trouble taking on the final boss. You should also be concerned with the diversity of the party. A high-Heal Cleric is very highly recommended – almost essential. Also, you need a Thief with Dark Sight (Assassin or Bandit) to complete the quest. Bowmen are very helpful on some levels but unneccessary. Warriors excel in this quest since most of the levels take place on small platforms. You need a mage with teleport also.
If you’re trying to get into a party, put on your best equips and go from channel to channel advertising your availability. Don’t stay too long on each channel. Keep in mind that you’ll have a much easier time getting in during weekdays (Monday – Thursday), during the early afternoon and late at night, EST. Also you’ll have a much easier time if you play in a server other than Scania or Bera. Once in a party, ask for your party’s track. If they don’t have one and you’re not prepared to wait a long while, don’t hesitate to leave and search for another party. If they do have a track, check it.
Once the other party is at stage 7, you need to start repeatedly checking your track (Also, the other party may die at stage 5; see below). Stage 8 will probably take awhile for them to finish, but once they get into A Crack on the Wall (the boss stage), your leader needs to start clicking the stop-sign. Only a few seconds after they leave the boss stage, the PQ will open!