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December 15, 2012

MapleStory website more useful and help foster

You may have noticed that the website that greeted you when you logged in to MapleStory today is a bit different. This is the next stage in our program designed to make the MapleStory website more useful and help foster communication between the MapleStory team and Maplers. Phase I, of course, was the switch to a Web launch system for the game. That allowed us […]

December 12, 2012

Halloween 2012: The Result

Zombies have been spawned, ghosts have been banished and insults have been thrown – it has certainly been quite the Halloween! But, of course, the ongoing battle between Mod Mike and Mod Sabre must come to an end. After tallying all of the time that both Varrock and Falador were dominated by either Team Righteous or Team Heinous, we have our result… Team Heinous are […]

December 12, 2012

Managing your Port

Using the resources you bring back from the Eastern Lands, you’ll be able to build and upgrade structures within your port. As well as making your port truly distinct, these offer benefits when managing your captains and crews. If you want to attract potential crew members with better-than-average Seafaring stats, for example, adorn your port’s bar with nautical regalia to get the saltiest sea dogs […]