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February 1, 2013

Winning submissions of cheap Maplestory Mesos

First of all, all of the winning submissions were submitted early on in the competition and therefore generated a significant amount of replies. Hopefully nexon did not make their first selection process by choosing posts with more than 20 replies, as this would have been hugely unfair on those who had made later submissions and had not been able to generate replies to their posts.Maybe […]

December 31, 2012

MapleStory : A Romance Proclaimed in Pixels

MapleStory : A Romance Proclaimed in Pixels Nexon has sent out a new trailer showing the warm and fuzzy love side of MapleStory. The video, called by devs ” a romance proclaimed in pixels”, illustrates why MapleStory players who marry in game tend to stay hitched longer than the average American “real world” couple. maplestory mesos. Check it out and then log in with your […]

December 18, 2012

MapleStory Game Guide Stage 5 Fluttering Hearts

The moment you clear Stage 4, you’ll be dropped right into Stage 5 and given the instructions “Run to the Right! Save yourself! Run run run!”. The moment you drop an assortment of monsters begin chasing you. Most all of them cause borderline harm and truly assist you avoid the volcanic rock shooting out of the bottom and keep you going quicker, however at the […]

December 12, 2012

Evolution of Combat: Player Feedback Changes

It’s been five months since the Evolution of Combat Beta launched, and the feedback is still coming in swathes from every corner of the RuneScape community. While we knew you’d jump at the chance to help reforge the combat system into one that’s well and truly yours, the level of passion, commitment and insight that you’ve demonstrated in your feedback has been mind-blowing. Huge thanks […]