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December 12, 2012

Community Round-Up: 02/11

Thanksgiving Fun Thanksgiving may not be for another few weeks, but that hasn’t stopped us already getting into the spirit of things. In a RuneScape first, we’re offering you the chance to choose your own Thanksgiving-related title that will be added into the game to celebrate the festival! Submit your entries here. Pro PvPers take to the Duel Arena Ever wondered who’d win in a […]

December 11, 2012

The In-Game Economy and Leveling Up

When it соmеs to the game есоnоmу in Guild Wars 2, Guild wars 2 has one of the most intuitive. That’s why I made this article. There are 2 main currencіеs in use: the рrimаrу bеіng сoins whіch iѕ mаde up оf gold and its different units while guilds make use of іnfluenсе. Influenсе iѕ used fоr buyіng upgrаdeѕ аnd whаt nоt fоr guіlds and […]

December 11, 2012

Introduction to Crafting

Right from the start few people will realize they many options they have as to what they can go out and do in order to level-up. Some choose for a more PvP oriented play style to level up others find more enjoyment in a PvE playstyle which also includes the added benefit of spendable Karma Points. Apart from PvE and PvP, players can also Craft, […]

December 11, 2012

Guild Wars 2 Dungeon Guide

Dungeons-One of the funnest, most interesting, and definitely worthwhile things to do in Guild Wars 2-in fact, definitely one of my favorite things to do. Although it can be quite annoying, especially because Guild Wars 2 have some of the most advanced and hardest dungeons that I’ve seen in a long time. The bosses are many, the mobs are abundant, and the fun can be […]