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December 8, 2012

Ultima Online Will Fix a Significant Number of Bugs

Fish pies not being stackable, mushrooms exploding under your house, and gargoyles activating their stone form mid-flight, are these things boring you? Whatever your answer is, they are not going to happen again, because Ultima Online has a patch for you, and they just got a whole bucket of fixes and updates posted to the test server. In the updates, Lava Lobster fishing has been […]

December 8, 2012

Cryptic Developers Reveal Neverwinter’s Character Customization

Cryptic games have always been known for its powerful character customization tools such as evident in Star Trek Online. Even greater will this ring true for Perfect World and Cryptic’s upcoming Dungeons & Dragons action MMORPG, Neverwinter. Today, I am pleased to reveal the developer journal about Neverwinter’s character customization when a player steps into the Forgotten Realms. In Neverwinter, character creation begins with choosing […]

December 8, 2012

Knight Age Details Updated Pupa System

Joymax has revealed their December update for Knight Age will be largely focused on the Pupa system. Well known for its mounted combat, a knight’s trusty Pupa companion is always by the player’s side. These loyal pets are more than what meets the eye; from collecting to combining, Pupae are an exciting part of the Knight Age experience. With this month’s update coming close, Knight […]