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December 12, 2012

Solomon’s General Store: Dragon Keepsake Box & Keys

Greetings, adventurer! I introduce to you the Dragon Keepsake Box! This marvellous invention enables you to equip an item and receive all its benefits – bonuses and all – while taking on the appearance of a different adornment! You’ll find your box in the Customisation screen; found in the ‘Equipped’ tab. Visiting my store, you’ll notice that I now stock Dragon Keepsake Keys – these […]

December 12, 2012

Community Round-Up 08/11

In this special Evolution of Combat focused Community Round-Up, we’ve got a more events, competitions and awesome fansite news than you can cast a Dragon Breath at. Evolution of Combat The 20th November will see the highly anticipated Evolution of Combat update release into RuneScape and we have a whole host of exciting events and competitions to coincide with the launch. Live Stream We have […]

December 12, 2012

Solomon’s General Store: Captain and Crew Outfits

Player-owned ports have arrived to sate the seafaring swashbuckler in all of us, and I’ve stocked my store with the perfect complement: captain and crew outfits!portsplcaps-11170512.png No budding harbourmaster should take to their post without looking the part, either as one of a vessel’s motley crew or as its intrepid captain. These aquatic ensembles arrive in both eastern and western styles to suit the eclectic […]