December 8, 2012

D187 Steam Screenshot Contest

By maplestory

District 187 is now under the Free-to-play section on Steam. The game decided to up the ante and give away some great prizes to players who take screenshots and post them on the Steam Community will be eligible to win:A Premium Pack, which includes a 50% XP Boost item, a 50% Gold Boost item a God Hand (which reduces the time to interact with bombs) all for 30 Days AND 30,000 Gold!
AND you get 10 Penalty Immunity Cards!

Only Screenshots posted to the Steam Community with Steam between 3pm PST on 12/6 through Monday, December 10th at 12:01am are eligible.Screenshots should be of either the Haven Map or The Slums Night AND must feature a character using a Flashlight modification. The Game Master Team will choose 10 winners based on image quality and overall aesthics. Their decisions are final.

To post a screenshot using Steam follow this process:Log into Steam and Launch District 187.Make sure you equip yourself with a gun that has a Flashlight.Take a screenshot (in Haven or The Slums (N) using your Flashlight) by hitting F12.
After the match is over hit Shift+Tab to bring up the Steam overlay and Select “View Screenshots”.
Select the Screenshot you’d like to use and click “Upload” in the bottom right corner.