July 11, 2024

Fallout 76: Shotguns vs. Melee Weapons

By maplestory

The choice of weapon directly affects the player’s survivability and combat efficiency in the wasteland world. As a weapon with high burst damage and high hit rate, the shotgun has significant advantages over other melee weapons. Whether you are using a shotgun or .45 round ammunition, choosing the right weapon is crucial. This article will analyze in detail the main advantages of the shotgun over other melee weapons in Fallout 76. Use coupon code “hedy8” to get 5% off at U4GM!

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High Hit Points

One of the major advantages of the shotgun is its high hit rate. Unlike other melee weapons, the shotgun is capable of shooting multiple projectiles, and in close-range combat, each shot from the shotgun covers a larger area of attack, making it much easier to hit a target than a single-shot small weapon. The shotgun’s hit rate advantage is especially noticeable when facing fast-moving or smaller enemies. For those looking to quickly improve their combat abilities, consider acquiring a more powerful shotgun by fallout 76 caps buy to take full advantage of its high hit rate.

High Burst Damage

Another significant advantage of the Shotgun is its high burst damage. Releasing multiple pellets in a single shot can deal a lot of damage to a target in a short period of time. This burst is especially important when facing enemies with high blood counts or powerful attacks. In contrast, while melee weapons can perform continuous attacks, their damage from a single attack is usually low, requiring multiple strikes to defeat an enemy.

Rate of fire advantage

Some shotguns such as the Combat Shotgun are fully automatic and have a higher rate of fire. This allows players to fire more pellets in a short period of time, further increasing burst damage and hit points. The Double Barrel Shotgun, on the other hand, has a lower rate of fire, but its single shot is extremely powerful and can provide strong fire support at critical moments.

Ranged Attack

The shotgun’s pellet spreading feature allows it to cover a large attack range, which is especially important when facing multiple enemies. While melee weapons can usually only attack one target, the Shotgun can attack multiple targets at once, greatly increasing combat efficiency. In scenarios where you need to clear the enemy group quickly, the advantage of the shotgun is even more obvious.


The game provides multiple types of shotguns, such as double-barrel shotguns, pump-action shotguns and combat shotguns, etc. Players can choose the right type of shotgun for different combat scenarios. This adaptability allows the shotgun to excel in a variety of combat situations.

Specialized additions

In Fallout 76, there are auxiliary abilities that specifically increase the damage of the shotgun, such as the “Shotgunner” series of skills. These skills can significantly increase the base damage of the shotgun, and by using the appropriate points, players can further increase the power of the shotgun, making it more competitive in battle.

Ammunition Acquisition

Although shotgun ammo is not abundant in the game, some enemies such as Spoked Corpse Man and Mole Miner will drop shotgun bullets. These drops are limited in quantity, but can be used to replenish ammo in emergencies, ensuring that the player’s output is sustained in battle.

Suggestions for Use

It should be noted that these advantages of the Shotgun are mainly in close-range combat. At medium and long ranges, the effectiveness of the shotgun will drop dramatically. Therefore, when using the shotgun, you need to pay attention to controlling the combat distance and try to engage the enemy in close range to fully utilize its advantages of high hit rate and high burst damage.

The shotgun is a very powerful weapon choice in Fallout 76. Through reasonable weapon selection and additions, players can utilize the shotgun’s advantages of high hit rate, high burst damage and ranged attacks to become invincible in the wasteland world.