December 8, 2012

Knight Age Details Updated Pupa System

By maplestory

Joymax has revealed their December update for Knight Age will be largely focused on the Pupa system. Well known for its mounted combat, a knight’s trusty Pupa companion is always by the player’s side. These loyal pets are more than what meets the eye; from collecting to combining, Pupae are an exciting part of the Knight Age experience. With this month’s update coming close, Knight Age prepares players through easy-to-follow guides on everything there is to know about these wonderful companions.

These companion creatures have been collected and trained by Knights since time immemorial. Their eggs are collected in the field, or as a rare drop from boss monsters (who may even drop a Pupa that looks just like them)! Pupae (plural for Pupa) fight and gain experience at the side of their Knight master. Many may look adorable, but their power and skill is not to be underestimated. Only one Pupa can be active at any given time, Knights have been known to collect numerous Pupa, training them to use in a variety of roles and special events.Each Pupa is associated with one of the four elements of the world: Fire, Water, Wind, and Earth, and which family they belong to will dictate their appearance and ability. A Pupa’s diet is filled with items, such as equipment, that knights no longer need. In exchange for this delicious food, Pupa will return to their owners a Panta – these rare gems are then used to enhance other equipment, such as armor and weapons.

Pupae can’t be bred, but instead new Pupa are created by merging two fully grown pets together. These mergers can create rare and powerful combinations, changing the Pupa’s elemental type and family. Merged Pupa have surprised their owners by changing to colors not found in nature, including green, blue, purple, silver, and even gold!Pupae can even be based on non-original characters. For example, the globally known chubby white bunny, Mashimaro, is coming to Knight Age for this month’s update!With Knight Age’s recent massive update, including the pink hippo and triceratops mounts, there’s something for everyone from group PVE content to intense weekly PVP action. Knight Age bustles with activity and there’s no slowing this game down.