December 10, 2012

MapleStory: Great Maple Election Quest 2012

By maplestory

Nexon America announced the results from its first ever presidential poll called Great Maple Election Quest 2012. Barack Obama is preferred over Mitt Romney by 80 percent of those participating in this survey.

The poll is a small part of a major event currently being held in MapleStory. The Great Maple Election Quest 2012 will include additional player polls, and will also include wide-ranging in-game election events running up to Election Day on Nov. 6. Additionally, MapleStory has partnered with Rock The Vote to encourage players to register to vote and participate in the real presidential election.

Any registered MapleStory player in Nexon America’s service could participate in the survey. Those who participated in the poll will receive an in-game item, called the “Buff Freezer.”

“It is exciting to see our players voice their position on something as important as a presidential election,” said Min Kim, Nexon America CEO. “Our players represent a very important voting block. This event in MapleStory gives our players an outlet to have their voices heard, in and out of the game, while providing an avenue for them register and become part of the election process.”