December 17, 2012

Don’t Forget – Summer Party ON!

By maplestory

Game Updates
We’re halfway through the weekend which means there’s still time for you to win one or more of Yelps’s exclusive summer items from Squeal of Fortune!

Summer barbecue – all the benefits of a standard cooking range with a 10% XP boost and 999 unique charges!
Ice cream cone hat – prevents dehydration in the desert and comes with 10 food charges!
Summer sun ring – generates a sun orb above your head and gives you a +2 boost to your defensive stats!
Summer storm ring – generates a storm cloud above your head and gives you a +2 boost to your offensive stats!

All four items are only available throughout August and September, but chances of winning are increased for this weekend only, with the rings being Common prizes (subsequently Uncommon), and the ice cream cone hat & summer barbecue being Uncommon (subsequently Rare). This promotion lasts from Friday 24th to Monday 27th inclusive – GMT.

Don’t forget that members currently get three daily spins instead of one, so triple your daily chances of winning by subscribing. Don’t forget to check out our Squeal of Fortune wiki page for more ways to get extra spins.