December 17, 2012

Miss out on August’s Sizzling Summer rewards

By maplestory

Miss out on August’s Sizzling Summer rewards? No need to let that rain on your parade! Subscribing throughout September still gets you a raft of roasting-hot rewards.

That’s right: if you’re a member throughout September you’ll get your hands on all of the following Sizzling Summer bonuses:

350,000 XP!
Seaweed dreadlocks.
A squid cape.
A cool crab emote.
A rather tanned title!
2 additional bonus spins per day on Squeal of Fortune – that’s a total of four per day!

This is the last chance to get access to these amazing summer bonuses so don’t miss out. Become a member by clicking here now!

If you’ve been a member all through August, don’t forget that the biggest reward of all arrives for you at the end of September in the form of an additional 700,000 XP and Choose Your Fate.

Choose Your Fate is a selection of four of the most powerful rewards ever seen in RuneScape, including the deadly Instakill Dart. Picture this: you’re fighting for your life. Your health is low, you’ve chugged your last Saradomin brew, but your foe isn’t letting up. The answer is here: the Instakill Dart will kill whatever target you face with one almighty hit!

You can find out what’s so incredible about all four items here.

Remember, these Choose Your Fate rewards are available only to players who are members for the whole of August and September, so make sure your membership doesn’t run out! What’s more, there’s a ton of extra exclusive members’ content in the pipeline for this coming month, including:

Daily Challenges – with fantastic rewards every day!
Two epic quests – with a brand-new storyline featuring Ozan!
God Wars Dungeon – A classic re-mastered, now with even more drops!