December 18, 2012

MapleStory Game guide Stage 2 Heart Ropes

By maplestory

The goal in Stage 2 is to have 5 of your party members hanging from the 3 ropes in the correct combination. The leader must stay on the ground and talk to Amos. Amos will in turn give your leader clues regarding the correct combination based on which ropes your party is hanging on. You have 6 chances to solve the correct combination.

There’s an effective method devised to solve this puzzle, but first you and your party must understand the basics. There are 3 ropes and 5 party members can be hanging from them at a time. So a combo is assigned to each rope based on how many members are on them; for example, “041″. 041 means “0 members on left rope. 4 members on the middle rope. and 1 member on right rope. Make sense?

If you’re Leading:

As baton you’re on the arena talking to Amos and relaying which admixture to assassinate to your affair members. To alpha off, you should acquaint your associates to do “500″; i.e., anybody on the larboard rope. This date is a big argumentation addle which you can break if you’re activity confident, about it’ll apparently be quicker if you acclimated the blueprint below:


This chart in theory works 100% of the time. When you talk to Amos he will provide you with an answer by saying “All 1 ropes weigh the same” or “All ropes weigh differently”. You want to pay attention to “Same” or “Different”, which is why I made them bold. Just follow the paths in the chart until you clear Stage 2.

If you’re a Member:

Once you enter stage 2 take the first portal to the left rope (Press up, jump, and hold up to grab the rope.) Your leader will then talk to Amos and a “Wrong” or “Clear” will appear on the screen. If it’s Wrong, wait for the next combo from your leader; be patient, it’s a puzzle and does take some thought. If you want to help out you can refer to this chart if your leader clearly doesn’t know what he or she is doing. Just be polite.