January 2, 2013

Maplestory Mesos with a fast delivery method

By maplestory

Nexon is introducing content at a breakneck pace to their wildly successful game MapleStory.Following the recent launch of the long-awaited major update, Nexon is now treating players to two new zones for players to explore, the Abandoned Subway and Nett’s Pyramid.Players can expect to find the usual mainstays of mummies and skeletons in Nett’s Pyramid. In the Abandoned Subway, players will encounter “uncouth beasts.” Isn’t this game fantasy? Of course, it is. Prepare enough Maplestory Mesos, you will start your new maple journey. In case of lacking Maplestory Mesos, you only need to spend a little money and will get lots of cheap Maplestory Mesos from us. Here, we will give you the best service and help you when you in the game meet the trouble.

Battles begin after the 10 participants has entered the map.To leave a battle map and buy MS mesos before a battle is over, click the Leave Room button that is located where the Cash Shop button normally is at the bottom of the screen.Different effects will appear depending on the damage.When your HP reaches 0, you will revive after three seconds in a random location on the map.You are restricted from using regular potions and other items in your inventory while in battle maps.Unique items regularly spawn in battle maps. Picking cheap Maplestory Mesos up immediately uses them.Game rules, stats, and skills are modified. You can browse our website usually. Moreover, we can offer you lots of Maplestory Mesos with a fast delivery method. No scam, no delay.

This will tell you how to take a cash shop item and put in a different server to another character in Maple Story. Example, if you play in Bellocan and also have a character in windia, you can transfer the item from the guy in bellocan to the guy in windia. First, wait until any cash shop item expires from your guy in bellocan, but don’t equip any cash shop item that you want to transfer. Then Go to the character in windia and enter the cash shop, it will tell you the item that in bellocan expired, and all your cash shop items that weren’t equipped with the guy will appear in the Cash shop in Windia! Players will save lots of sell Maplestory Mesos by this way. However, the number of MS Mesos is very limited. If you need lots of game gold, you can contact us. We can offer very Cheap Mesos to you in 10 minutes. it is glad for us to cooperate with you.