January 23, 2013

mapleStory mesos in the history of most BT career devil come on February here!

By maplestory

As the strongest corps of black magician the maplestory mesos demon hunter, he was pledging his allegiance to the “master” to take away loved ones, the seeds of hatred is deeply rooted in his heart, revenge, to destroy the black magician to become the sole purpose of his existence even do anything!The appearance of cold and cruel heart was infinite tenderness.

Cool styling, powerful and invincible force, as well as to supplement the dedicated skills of refined gas can kill the enemy, the devil hunter covered all filled with mysterious flavor from the dark world of unique.February 1, the demons come, let us first glimpse of the World of Darkness Demon Hunter, in the end kind of a mysterious charm!Freedom to choose the role of gender: Although the rebels, and still enjoy the right to be free to choose the sex!

The moving story set: treacherously black magician and ruthlessly killed the demon loved oneseExclusive weapons and skills: You can use one-handed blunt and fine gas shield and rely on the unique “Devil refined gas to launch a magnificent attack