January 24, 2013

Sky Team And Guides-maplestory mesos

By maplestory

Skills limit: (minimum) full dodge occupation a teleport career one, the other four occupations casually. Here I want to emphasize, not have to remote job, seven complete to do down the task, not remote when the team still finished, no problem! In addition, not to say that the full dodge must have Feifei you jump 20 is enough, 20 As for how I will not say more, then again, you brain can not do sky team had. Of course, it is full speed Feifei, I do not encourage people to 20 jump BT to replace a professional position. maplestory mesosy team with the best: at least one senior soldier firepower, full speed Feifei an ice mine a full blessing of a priest (now the Master should have Teleport it? You do not personally believe that. ? sweat, you can not Lianfa Shi), the other two positions casually said archers have one to meet the four kinds of occupation and Wen Li’s blessing? the blessing Shayong of Wen Li?

I’m afraid I can not give you do to help, because I do not know, but I can tell you is the blessing of the priest is definitely more useful than the temperature Li’s blessing, and now those who say that what Pastor dissatisfied with the blessing of friends, the sky team task is to your best of satire. The role of ice mine? Huge role of the ice, the players themselves to experience it, this afternoon, the group has 68 ice mine, my friend, he freezing technique is really making the most of, has given me great help, not to say, we later slowly to experience it!

Clearance restrictions need to have at least five talents can be completed, and the hall need to dodge and teleport these two skills: In addition to stage 2 seal the room, the other places, there are two individuals in the task, you can continue to finish the course, which must have a captain, but also have a fire can solve the last of the “father”. (Three times last Down with Dad today, leaving me and a hiding to watch the next DD 2 individuals to accept the prize by the last out of other people out.More information just click here.