December 26, 2013

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Demon Slayer is the fourth addition of the Resistance Warrior class and the 3rd part of the Legend Update, released in KMS on August 8. It has been said to be the “strongest class in Maplestory”, the title Aran formerly held.
The Demon Slayer is one of the most unique classes in Maplestory. Demon Slayers is the first class that does not possess MP at all. Instead, they use Demon Fury, which work in different ways than Mana. Along with Demon Force, they are also more dependent on their HP,even more than Spearman, most of their skills involve not only their DF but their HP as well, so it’s wise to look after your health when using your skills. Just like Mercedes, Demon Slayers also start off as level 10 after the introduction cutscenes.

The Demon Slayer’s weapons of choice are one handed Blunt Weapons and Axes. They are paired with special Force Shields, which grants your Demon Force. During your gameplay, you will also recieve unique blunt weapons called Scepters, exclusive to your class. You can never get rid of your Force Shield, you are stuck with your force shield for the rest of your life. Because of this, you are unable to switch to a different shield, which would be a bad idea because without your Force Shield, you are left with only 10 DF, which is not enough to use your skills. Along with this restriction, Demon Slayers can only wield their respective weapons, they are unable to wield a weapon that is not a one handed Axe or Blunt Weapon, not even a sword.

Like the Cannon Shooter and Mercedes, Demon Slayers also have a link skill. Their skill allows them to gain an additional 10% boss damage.
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