February 25, 2014

Maplestory mesos guide can help you to enjoy the game better


In “MapleStory,” the online role playing game (RPG), your character can’t purchase the weapons, potions and items needed to proceed through the game without obtaining mesos. You receive mesos for killing monsters in each level and selling items you no longer need. However, the game offers a repeatable quest — John at Lith Harbor — that rewards players with high-priced items. Completing the quest and selling the items allows you to make a large amount of Maple Story mesos quick.

First Move your character to Lith Harbor and then Talk to John to begin “John’s Flower Jump Quest.” John’s quest — composed of three separate parts — rewards you with valuable items after you complete each phase. Complete all three phases of the quest to obtain the screws, gloves and pink flower earrings. Go to the potion shop in Lith. Press the “Up” key to enter the position shop.

Use the arrow keys to navigate your character until he stands next to the shop attendant. Then tap the space bar to initiate a conversation. A pop-up box should appear on your screen. Click on the screws that you received when you finished “John’s Flower Jump Quest.” Then click on the “sell” button. The shop attendant should give you 5,000 maplestory mesos. Repeat the process for the gloves and the pink earrings. Once you sell all three items, you will have 300,000 mesos.