August 26, 2014

FIFA 15 Crossing Tips


To the next step of our FIFA 15 Attacking tutorial guide and we want to teach you how to cross the ball into the box effectively, and give you all the best methods so you can be as successful as possible. Some will say that crossing is one of the easiest scenarios on the game and that no one needs to learn anything, but if you think that then you’d be wrong.

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Take a look below at the basic need-to-know information about crossing and then we’ll start explaining how you can better your crosses overall.

1)The basic way of crossing is simply holding the power gauge down, letting go early will send the cross in at the near-post, whilst holding for longer sends it to the back-post.
2)Double tapping the cross button will send an unexpected cross to the near-post and this can be a very good tactic to use when mixing up your play now and again.
3)If you tap the cross button 3 times in a row, then this will send a dangerous low cross into the box but needs to be timed to perfection in-order to get the best results.
4)If you hold LB (Xbox 360/One) or L2 (PS3/PS4) then you can send in an early ball into the box that will come unexpected from your opponent.

Get Your Crossing Angles Right
For the best results you should always be facing towards the goal so that you increase your chances of getting more accuracy. You should always cross the ball with the players favourite foot and not his weak foot, well not unless the player in question is both footed and if so then that’s perfectly okay.

Do not try to put a ball in the 6 yard area if you’re facing away from the goal, because you’ll be off-balance and you will end up giving possession away.

Momentum Is A Key Factor
You might not know about this one, but momentum plays a pivotal factor in how well your player crosses the ball.All you have to do is string a good few passes together either in defence or in the middle of the pitch and then momentum will follow. You’ll be surprised how this technique usually ends up with a goal out of nowhere.

Acquire Players With These Stats
We’ve noticed from playing a lot of FUT that gamers tend to just look for pace with the wingers. Well it’s no good going for players with pace and dribbling skills if when they get past the defender the end product is disastrous. Look for players who possess terrific crossing, long pass and vision stats. Those 3 stats that we just mentioned are the three biggest ones you need to look out for and put first before anything else.

Look Who’s In The Box
This situation is met by nearly every FIFA player whenever they decide to switch on their console/computer and play any type of game. When your get to the byline ready to whip the ball in the box, you seriously need to have a look up yourself and see who’s in the middle. It’s no good crossing it into the final third if a small midfielder or the other winger is going to get on the end of it.

You have to be patient sometimes and wait for your big centre forward to catch up with play and get himself into position. Try a couple of twists and turns for a few seconds just until you see the target man there.

Know Which Cross To Use And When
Take a look at the image below and think about which of the basic crosses need to be implemented. The winger has already created space and got past his marker and facing towards goal, so he just needs to pick out the correct pass. The low ball in will get intercepted, so’ll the double tap near post cross, so he can either turn round again and wait for more of his teammates to get into the box, or he can hold the cross button in just under halfway and cross it into the direction of the only player that’s in the middle.

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