April 22, 2021

Who are the Best Players per Category in NBA 2K21?

By maplestory

As the season progressed, NBA 2K21 also updated its player ratings, with some cagers seeing their numbers either improving or falling a bit. But today, we will show the best players per attribute in the polarizing in NBA 2K21.

Via 2K Ratings:

RankAttributeBest PlayerRatings
13 PointStephen Curry98
2AccelerationDe’Aaron Fox97
3Ball HandleKyrie Irving99
4BlockMyles Turner97
5Close ShotNikola Jokic98
6Defensive ConsistencyKawhi Leonard98
7Defensive ReboundClint Capela97
8Draw FoulJames Harden98
9Driving DunkZion Williamson97
10Free ThrowJordan Clarkson97
11HandsLeBron James98
12Help Defense IQKawhi Leonard97
13HustleStephen Curry98
14IntangiblesKevin Durant98
15Interior DefenseAnthony Davis97
16Lateral QuicknessKawhi Leonard97
17LayupLeBron James98
18Mid-Range ShotNikola Jokic98
19Offensive ConsistencyLeBron James98
20Offensive ReboundClint Capela95
21Overall DurabilityDamian Lillard98
22Pass AccuracyMonte Morris94
23Pass IQJames Harden98
24Pass PerceptionLeBron James97
25Pass VisionRussell Westbrook94
26Perimeter DefenseKawhi Leonard97
27Post ControlJoel Embiid96
28Post FadeNikola Jokic95
29Post HookNikola Jokic97
30PotentialNikola Jokic95
31Shot IQLeBron James98
32SpeedDe’Aaron Fox97
33Speed With BallDe’Aaron Fox97
34StaminaLeBron James99
35Standing DunkDeAndre Jordan97
36StealMatisse Thybulle98
37StrengthJoel Embiid95
38VerticalZion Williamson99
39Best Overall PlayerLeBron James97

Some players dominate in several items. Stephen Curry, Nikola Jokic, and LeBron James, especially. These are three of the best players in the world right now.

The best player in the game is LeBron, who remains the best player globally with the Los Angeles Lakers. He’s followed by Kevin Durant, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Kawhi Leonard, and Stephen Curry, all with a 96 overall.

What do you think about that? Did your favorite player among them? Also, visit here for more and more player ratings. Or you can get the cheap NBA 2K21 MT here while enjoying fast, safe and excellent service.