June 4, 2021

NBA 2K21 MyTeam Season 8 ‘Trial of Champions’ Details

By maplestory

The NBA 2K21 Season 8 ‘Trail of Champions’ is about to begin in MyTEAM. Today, we’ll be going over the latest Season 8 details, including new packs, locker codes, new rewards, free dark matter cards, invincible cards, and more to help you prepare for the new season.

Trial of Champions

Here are some of the latest NBA 2K21 Season 8 details:

What is MyTeam Season 8 called?

The new season will be called “Trial of Champions,” and it will have an NBA playoff theme, as the NBA is in the middle of the real-life NBA playoffs.

The “Trial of Champions” season will last six weeks.

What does ‘Trial of Champions’ mean?

The “Trial of Champions” is not only the season’s name — it’s a new competition entering the MyTeam mode. Fans will compete in an epic three vs. three competition that will feature six players total. The top-scoring NBA player will give the entire fan base a free new player to use in the game.

MyTeam Season 8

Players will begin Season 8 with six unique “Trial of Champions” cards, which include the following players:

• Anthony Davis (Lakers)
• Damian Lillard (Trail Blazers)
• Donovan Mitchell (Jazz)
• Ben Simmons (Sixers)
• Jayson Tatum (Celtics)
• Zion Williamson (Pelicans)

All but five of those players were part of the NBA Playoffs. Zion is the lone player not participating in the postseason.

NBA 2K21: Game of Rings in Trial of Champions

One of the new features of Trial of Champions in MyTEAM will be something they call Game of Rings.

These six players will be given to everyone in MyTEAM at Level 1 this season, and players will need to choose their favorite to compete in Triple Threat until June 14, 2021.

When time is up, the player with the top stats over that time frame will be given a guaranteed Locker Code for a Galaxy Opal or Dark Matter version to be released in MyTEAM.

Who is the Level 40 reward?

Level 40 reward

The reward for reaching Level 40 in Season 8: Trial of Champions will be an amazing Invincible Dark Matter Luka Doncic. The “Invisible” cards have all 99 stats and represent the best level of players in the game.

Players will have to complete Agendas and earn XP in MyTEAM to work their way to LEvel 40 and earn this 99 OVR card.

Locker Code for Kevin Durant Signature Challenge

The Signature Challenge for Season 8: Trial of Champions will focus on Kevin Durant to recreate a 31-point performance with 4 threes.

The code: ‘KD-MyTEAM-SIG-CHALLENGE‘ is what players need to enter in MyTEAM.

Upon entry, you’ll be given a Free Agent version of Kevin Durant that will be eligible for the Signature Challenge. Of course, you may also get other rewards, such as NBA MT Points, VC, Tokens, etc.

This code is currently set to expire on July 16, 2021, which will likely also be the end date for Season 8: Trial of Champions.

What are some other rewards?

Other rewards for the season include some Dark Matter players, including:

• Moses Malone Invincible (6 wins in Limited)
• Robert Parish Dark Matter (1,750 wins Triple Threat Offline)
• Tom Van Arsdale Dark Matter (Vault reward)
• Dick Van Arsdale (Tier 3 wins Triple Threat Online)
• Drazen Petrovic (12-0 Unlimited Galaxy Opal Tier)
• Horace Grant (Ascension board prize)
• Willis Reed (player card exchange)
• George Gervin (Reward Market)

A new daily log-in reward

Players can earn a free Trae Young player by playing the MyTeam mode every day from June 4 to June 11.

Who is the Limited Reward?

Players can compete in the Limited Mode, where you earn virtual rings for winning every week. For this season, those who win six rings in Limited (one for each weekend) will get an Invincible Moses Malone.

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