April 29, 2023

NBA 2K23 Guides: Ankle Braces Badge Prerequisites and Best Levels

By maplestory

The Ankle Breaker badge helps a lot in a point guard and playmaker builds, almost everyone knows how this badge works, but for those who don’t, it’ll just prevent the chances of getting your ankles broken and getting those stumbling or stunned animations. The usage of this badge depends on the level of competition. If you don’t experience those stun animations, you may not be equipped with this badge.

Ankle Braces Level Test

From the test results above, you can easily see the impact. If you’re not getting your ankles broken, you don’t need the batch at all, but if you keep getting those Stone animations now and then, putting bronze or silver will be a significant boost, while Gold and HoF will give tiny gains.

Ankle Braces level unlock.

Perimeter Defense0 – 55677686

We can conclude that the Ankle Brace at the Bronze level is a great inexpensive badge you can put on and forget in case you need it.

Note that low-level Ankle Braces don’t mean you’ll be fine; what matters is at what level your game is running Ankle Breaker and Killer Combos; if your opponent has a HOF Ankle Breaker and you’re using Silver Ankle Braces, expected to be stunned.

It is recommended to use Silver Ankle Braces in REC and Gold in 3v3, which can greatly reduce the number of times players are stunned.

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