The Most Cheap Way To Buy Nexon Cards Online

I’ve been playing Maplestory for quite some time and let me tell you, it is one of the best MMORPGs out right now. The characters, bosses, and quests are sure to entertain you as much as they’ve entertained millions of players worldwide.

If you are like me, you take pride in your character. After all, you’ve spent countless hours developing its skills. Not only do I personally like to deck out my character in awesome clothing, but I also like to buy EXP cards and Gachapon tickets to level faster and gain better items. Mostpeople prefer purchasing items through their item shop, and I do too because it’s very convenient. Plus, there’s better choices of items and gear for your character as opposed to those in-game only.
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MapleStiry Ice/Lightning Mage guide

I’m presumptuous you already jazz the basics around Maple Story and are looking for a guide on what job to decide as a stage 30 occultist. There are trine antithetical jobs lendable to you, and they vary greatly from one other. It is real arch that you


determine the ethical one, because erstwhile you act the prime there is no effort hindmost.

Destroy Mages jazz the most powerful product job skills. As a Onrush Mage you give somebody to detain in El Nath and Icy areas mostly until you gain higher levels. You’ll soul whatsoever periods where leveling is real unhurried, but then formerly your spells get stronger construction instrument be an inactivity.

Earnings Jr. Grupins at around dismantle 38 leave get you lots of Mesos and the irregular wand scroll. Erstwhile

your sack is brawny sufficiency you can act conclusion Jr. Pepes and eventually Jr. Yetis. Then you can locomote on to the bigger monsters specified as Grupins, zombies, yetis etc.
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Maplestory How to Make Money Fast

A Pass for Those Like to Get into Merchanting

There jazz been umteen nowadays throughout my Maplestory calling where I couldn’t act in cardinal


activities because of my need of assets. Since then, I followed a imprecise set of guidelines to excrete mesos and never had to vex almost money shortages ever again! This method totality for those who areabove stage 36.

Block one
You primary must obtain a teeny become of mesos to utilize with yourself. I advise completing the search Subani’s Heritage (plane 36) to get a Use Gloves for Onset 60% manuscript. These scrolls are couturier roughly 8 million mesos at the second.
Go to the Discharged Market and delude your Manuscript! Be provident not to transact it too cheaply. You e’er essential to delude it for the

Simple Ways to Move Faster in MapleStory

Online games such as MapleStory are indeed great pastimes for as long as they don’t interfere with your studies or more important wok. One of the things that can bring excitement in your online game is of course being able to play the game and move on to the


levels fast. Indeed, it can be a frustration to play the game and get stuck for awhile in the same level.

If you are a fan of MapleStory game, here are a few things that might help you move on to the next level fast and enjoy the game even more.

If you want to gain experience right from the start, begin by fighting the Orange mushrooms and the Shrooms in the early rounds or while you are in Victoria Island, the Stumps and the Slimes. You can also increase your accuracy in killing your enemies by increasing your LUK and INT if you are a magician, and increasing your DEX if you are a warrior, a thief or a bowman.

You can also avoid losing a percentage of your experience by finding ways or places where you can rest safely if you are low on hit points. By being stationary for a short time, you can help regain your health and avoid losing a percentage of your experience if you die because of low hit points. Continue reading “Simple Ways to Move Faster in MapleStory”

Making Millions Of Mesos in Maplestory

As with real life, making money in MapleStory takes effort, know-how, and a keen eye for opportunistic situations. But don’t despair!


By following a few easy tips, you too can be rolling in the mesos in no time!

Fight Monsters – The most obvious way to make money in MapleStory is to go out and kill some monsters and pick up the items they drop. Monsters sometimes drop valuable items such as armor and weapons. This will also earn you experience points, which may or may not be beneficial depending on how much your training costs so choose your monsters carefully.

Be a Gofer – Go for this, go for that! Making money is often about having a much needed item or skill in an unlikely place. Sure, it is easy to find any item in abundance in the market and with one player undercutting another in order to get make the sale, it can get pretty cheap too. It’s all supply and demand. With a lot of supply there isn’t much demand. But when supply is low the price comes at a premium! Keep this in mind and try to think of situations in which a particular item might be more valuable.
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MapleStory Meso Bombing Guide for Chief Bandit

This is just a rough guide for c.dits. I’ve always hear people saying you should play around with your ME(mesos

explosion) and get a rough idea how much mesos to bomb to kill



Well, I’ve figured it would be easier if there is a rough guide of how much mesos should be used to boom a certain type of monster. Hence, this rough guide is written. 1st thing 1st,

Mesos Explosion
Explodes the mesos dropped on the ground around you to attack monsters. The mesos from the monsters killed by someone else will not be able to be used for this. Level 30: MP -30; Mastery 100%, explode up to 20

I’m gonna assume that ME is not lvl dependent and is probably affected by the weapon def of monsters as I have read in other guides. Ah yes, ME is not accuracy dependent.

For this guide, I’m using a lvl 30 ME(maxed). With max ME, lower amount of mesos is needed to boom monsters. It is not advisable to use ME at low levels, like lvl 3 of ME because it burn mesos. But, in the end is up to you guys to choose.

P.S This is just a rough estimate. The amount stated SHOULD be able to KO monster with 1 ME. If my digits are off somewhere, any fellow c.dits with max ME can correct me.
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