Easy Way To Make Free Mesos In MapleStory


Ok there is a monster called “Dyle” in Dangerous croco 1 in kerning

free maplestory meso
free maplestory meso

sewers past ligator. Dyle spawns every 45-50 minuits and has a drop rate for scrolls of 60%.

I can make 40-50 mil there a day from GFA Scrolls etc etc.

Dyle doesn’t need to high acc to beat and doesn’t hit to high but if you’re unsure find out his Avoidability and use a calculator.

He Looks like this

Dyle Level: 65 HP/MP: 31,000/200 EXP: 810 Meso: n/a KB: 1,500

Common location:

Dangerous Croko I, Dangerous Croko II Etc. drop: Croco Skin, Ligator Skin

Useable drop:

Speed Potion, Scroll for Dagger for ATT (60%), Scroll for Bow for ATT (10%), Scroll for Crossbow for ATT (60%), Scroll for Claw for ATT (10%), Scroll for Claw for ATT (60%), Scroll for Gloves for ATT (60%), Scroll for Shoes for DEX (10%), Scroll for Overall Armor for LUK (60%)
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10 Things Which you Don’t Know in MapleStory

thing maplestory
thing maplestory

1.Maple Tarradiddle is an online Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Occupation (MMORPG)which stats to person an informal confine of 50 cardinal players worldwide.

2.In Maple Tale you can take the persona of a Warrior, a Outlaw, a Bowman, or a Performer. You should head trustworthy that your lineament has right stats before you begin to change. You can re-roll the stats cut as umteen nowadays as
you similar until you get stats that you are proud with.

3.MTV and Nexon, the creators of Maple Lie, present create a premium variant of MTV’s Neopets online youthfulness territory, where users can acquire virtual items for customization and personalization.

4.Maple News is a support scrolling 2D part activity mettlesome. Most personation playacting games use a top scrolling arrange of gameplay thus making Maple Tarradiddle rattling incomparable.

5.The overview of the gamy is that you as a contestant staleness “Maple Mankind” from monsters and evolve your grownup’s skills and abilities. You can interact with any otherwise player in the mini earth. You can also modify a circle of friends or a “guild” and advertise monsters unitedly.

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Fire Mage Guide MapleStory

If you decide to become a fire mage at level 30 you should follow some basic instructions to make your
mage as strong as possible. There are many skill points to distribute, and to know where to put each
point is veryimportant
Fire mages have the strongest spells of all the magicians in Maple Story, and the graphics are simply
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Making money Guide in Maplestory

As with real life, making money in MapleStory takes effort, know-how,

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and a keen eye for opportunistic situations. But don’t despair! By

following a few easy tips, you too can be rolling in the mesos in no time!

Fight Monsters – The most obvious way to make money in MapleStory is to go out and kill some monsters and pick up the items they drop. Monsters sometimes drop valuable items such as armor and weapons. This will also earn you experience points, which may or may not be beneficial depending on how much your training costs so choose your monsters carefully.

Be a Gofer – Go for this, go for that! Making money is often about having a much needed item or skill in an unlikely place. Sure, it is easy to find any item in abundance in the market and with one player undercutting another in order to get make the sale, it can get pretty cheap too. It’s all supply and demand. With a lot of supply there isn’t much demand. But when supply is low the price comes at a premium! Keep this in mind and try to think of situations in which a particular item might be more valuable. Continue reading “Making money Guide in Maplestory”