March 26, 2010

Use hacks properly

By maplestory

I’ve been seeing so many stupid guides on how to scam and crap like that, well here’s a guide on how to use hacks properly and have it take longer to patch them. Here goes.Required Skills:- A brain- Hacks, of course- Time to completeSteps1.) Start your hacks up and Maple Story and go to a channel and map.2.) This step is VERY IMPORTANT…Now, go to that map you’re at and make sure it’s secluded without any chance of someone coming in on you. The less people who come to that map, the less chance you’ve got of someone seeing you.3.) Start up your hacks and hack away. At this point, if your map is a very good one and no one ever comes into it, then you can then walk away and bot, but remember to check back on it every once in a while to see if anyone is there. If there is, LEAVE that second. Leave the loot, leave everything, just logout.4.) Don’t use ANY KIND of hacks in public. Yes, that means no stupid drop games, no hacks that clearly show you’re hacking. It’s just stupid. Have some effing morals people.5.) You should be a bit safer as no one will have known you hacked except GMs, which in that case you’re already banned.That concludes my guide, hope you enjoy it and stop being stupid. I know that’s pretty hard for some hackers, err, leechers, yes I called myself one. I even followed this guide whiel I was legit, minus the hacks, so it works. Now, one last thing before I sign out on this post, and this is the MOST important thing of all.STOP FREAKING SCAMMING PEOPLE! All you do is give yourselves a bad rep, name, and it just gets people hating hackers even more. I’m living proof that you can be friends with legits and they know you’re a hacker. I’ve done it. One of my old guilds knew straight up that I hacked off and on and I told them, I don’t let it publicly known except for close friends and guildies and nothing has ever happened to me. That’s because I don’t go around acting like I’m all better than legits just because I leeched hacks.So, just stop, and think about this before you go hacking in some known, public spot or scam someone or whatever. All you’re hurting is yourself and the community.Also, one thing to zakum scamming. If any person has a brain then they will not give you their account for VIP buying. It just means they get bumped up to the front of the list for the next zakum run. If they were smart, they’d know not to give their accounts out unless it was a really close real life or guild member, not some random zakum seller.