March 27, 2010

How To Bypass Maple police

By maplestory

Bypassing by gamekillersucks:ange:MapleStory’s Police
Maple police can be annoying and sometimes it can even BAN YOU
Heres a way to make sure you dont get banned/disconnected
1. If your using SeanHacks Godmode you most likely to get Maple police when not botting
2.Once the Maple police MSG box comes up quickly press ENTER on your key board
(This quickly exits the MSG box)
3.Now quickly hover your mouse towards the cash shop or trade button
(if this is not done FAST you most likely to get banned/disconnect)
4.Press it.
5. wait at the cash shop or trade shop for 5 secs or more
6. exit it
7.You’ve sucessfully Escaped from The GM police!