March 27, 2010

Need Quest Guide3

By maplestory

Stage Six-At this point, someone in your party will probably announce the order to noobies.. this is it: 133 221 333 123 111. Hit UP while standing on the numbered barrels in that order. At the top is a portal; use it.
Stage Seven- Once in the next room, go down to the bottom. Someone in your party will be picked to kill ratz. Every time they kill a black ratz, a Rombard miniboss will spawn in the bottom area. A cleric should have no problemkeeping you healed. After it takes a bit of damage it’ll summon block golems.. just kill them all and after every Rombard kill, tell the guy who’s up killing ratz to kill another one. Another Rombard will spawn. Be careful! Multiple rombards can spawn if the ratz-hunter kills more than 1 at a time, making it difficult to beat this stage. After all the coupons are collected, give them toyour leader and go through the portal.
Stage Eight- Like the Kerning PQ, but with nine boxes. This can get tedious and the #1 and #2 are coveted, although they’re usually reliquished to the party newbie if they’re too slow. This is an example of the order, if you don’tremember: 12345 12346 12347 12348 12349 12356 12357 12358 12359 12367 12368 etcuntil you get the right combination. It can get confusing after 1 and 2 start moving, but you shouldn’t have much trouble.
The Boss s5
Have your archer/assassin kill the ratz on the platform so its pass drops right on the treasure chest. Alishar is summoned! Your cleric shouldstart healing and not stop till the end of the battle; he can’t take even 2 or 3 hits from the boss. Use skills to pour tons of damage on him; his health willget down in no time. After losing a bit of his health, he’ll start summoning Chronos on you, which are a nuisance. Kill them quick so you can get back to Alishar, and if you’re good, you can get him to the next summon-level before he summons more Chronos. The next summons he’ll make are Platoon Chronos. These are bigger and take more damage before they go down, but your party should be able to hold its own. About this time, if too many of your party members have died, you’ll start struggling. Alishar will constantly Seal you or Blind you, making it impossible to mob the Chronos or hit Alishar. You’ll eventually make it to his last stage. He’ll start summoning Master Chronos, which are a real bother at this point if you’re fighting the battle on your own or with one other person. It’s nearly impossible to get a hit on Alishar unless you’re a Warrior. Eventually he’ll go down. Let the leader pick up the keys he drops, and the leader will move you to Bonus.
Exiting s6
You have one minute to get as much loot as you can. Hitting a box opens a cascade of mesos and items; DONT BOTHER WITH THEM unless you see a cape, earrings, or Dew (they’re worth a couple k at NPC). After a minute, you’re ejected into the conclusion stage. Go up the ladder and talk to Arturo to recieve your prize and be sent to Eos Tower 101st Floor. Some prizes includesummon bags, elixers, ores, screws, scrolls, etc. The PQ should have netted you40000-45000 exp total