March 31, 2010

maplestory guides of Beginner

By maplestory

All explorers start as beginners. Beginners are usually melee attackers due to their inability to use ranged weapons and the relative unavailability of attack skills. The Three Snails skill is the beginner’s only ranged attack skill, but has relatively low damage. Beginners have no other attack skills and rely on normal attacks to deal damage. Beginners typically train in preparation for the first job advancement, where they may become a Warrior, Magician, Thief, Bowman, or Pirate.
Beginners are generally called “Noobs” as most Beginners that come into Maplestory don’t know anything about it, and ask people for stuff like money, equipment, and info. Though most of the time they’re ignored, or asked to get away.
Though there are Perma-Beginners, which have ALOT of respect, as they are Beginners who trained with horrible weapons, a horrible damage range, and really waste alot of time to get to a certain goal.
Also, Perma-Beginners are given access to wield the Maroon Mop at level 36. The Maroon Mop is currently the strongest weapon there is, possessing an average of 220 weapon attack.
Permanent Beginners
Main article: Perma Beginner
Due to a general lack of skills and equipment unique to the class, beginners are the weakest of the classes and most players will take the first job advancement at their first opportunity. In spite of this, some players remain beginners and continue training without taking a job advancement. These characters are called permanent beginners. While most permanent beginners proceed to Victoria Island and other areas of the game for quests and monsters suited to higher level characters, a subset of beginners called islanders decide to remain on Maple Island and train exclusively on lower level monsters such as slimes and pigs.