October 15, 2010

Fire Mage Guide MapleStory

By maplestory

If you decide to become a fire mage at level 30 you should follow some basic instructions to make your
mage as strong as possible. There are many skill points to distribute, and to know where to put each
point is veryimportant
Fire mages have the strongest spells of all the magicians in Maple Story, and the graphics are simply
awesome. They have several places where they can train, but fire mages also have to have patience
for effective leveling. If you have not yet made up your mind on which second job to choose, I
suggest you read my other guide on the subject. Now onto the skill build for strict Fire Mages.

When you choose your job you’ll be given one skill point. I highly suggest you put this point in
teleport, as this makes leveling much more fun. Then work hard on maxing Fire Arrow, since this will
be your basic attack. After Fire Arrow you should put three points into MP Eater, so you get back
some MP from your spells. Only put three points in it for now though, and focus on Meditation which

should be maxed. Next up you should max MP Eater, and after MP Eater go with Teleport.When Teleport is maxed you’ll be able to teleport to and from high platforms with little MP cost, and
your leveling will become far more effective. This skill must be maxed! Slow should be the last skill you

max, and then put the last few points into Poison Brace.Maxing Poison Brace is in my opinion useless as you can get Poison Mist in the third job. Slow is far better than Poison Brace, and in my level 95 fire mage I still regret maxing Poison Brace.

You should train where you can kill the monsters in two or three hits. When you find an empty
channel, stay in that map for as long as you can. Moving around from map to map is good for when
you are bored or having fun with friends, but for good leveling you should practice on effective

To level your fire mage up to the third job will take countless hours, as in most MMORPG. A good idea
is therefore to use a stop watch or a timer, and set it for half an hour. Watch how much experience you gain, and compare it to other maps. MMORPGs are fun and exciting, but require a lot of effort to
be successful.