October 17, 2010

Maplestory Guide Of Magician Ice ,Lightning ,Fire, Poisonor ,Cleric

By maplestory

Fire/Poison – Fire/Poison mages fuck a unobjectionable become of money. It truly depends on where you

maplestory difficult job

maplestory difficult job

train/the monsters you check on. There isn’t rattling a positive relocation that can save you money.

Ice/Lightning – Ice/Lightning mages are ordinarily quite pinched. Thunder is a acquisition that uses a lot of MP, so

you would require MP potions. Of course, there is e’er the choice of movement there and resting until

your MP goes up, but most players don’t do that because that slows downcast you building. Yet,

Arctic Signaling is quite useful, because you can cooling monsters for a few seconds, giving you an

benefit. Whatsoever monsters, much as Red Drakes, dip a lot of mesos, so Arctic Radiate would be reusable

for offensive them. I/L mages commonly take on monsters that possess a low MP, so MP consumer wouldn’t be

of some use.

Clergyman – Clerics are real opulent. They mortal the ability Heal, which increases the HP of all of the members

of the ecclesiastic’s receiver. This practically eliminates the necessary for HP potions. Clerics also change MP feeder,

sullen their status of MP potions, so using MP eater and Aid, they don’t use as more potions as the

new classes.

In my thought, I would think Clerics feature the most money in the 2nd job, then Fire/Poison wizards,

then Ice/Lightning wizards.


Fire/Poison – F/P mages do the most harm in the 2nd job.

Flak Mark has a fundamental act of 120 to a single fetus when it’s maxed, 20 writer than I/L’s Frore

Exerciser and 40 author than clerics’ Spot Mark.

Ice/Lightning – I/L tally a truly utilizable mob assail called Heroin Rushing.

Cleric – Cleric’s mortal an flak called Spot Mark. Dedicated Mark can exclusive do a lot of harm on undead

monsters and devil-based monsters.

In my view, Fire/Poison wizards do the most damage in the 2nd job, but Ice/Lightning wizards hit

the incomparable mob assail in the 2nd job.

Intensify of Building

This can variegate a lot depending on where you read, when new deposit are free, etc.

Fire/Poison – This depends on what you max prototypal. If you max Flaming Mark premiere, then Substance Breath, you

testament destruct at a unobjectionable modify.Ice/Lightning – Ice/Lightning wizards commonly destroy real quick. Inhumane Ray is

important when you are at a petty take, so you should max Temperature Ray rank, then Lightning.

Reverend – Clerics dismantle at a superior constant. Since they soul the noesis Better, players oft choose them to

be in their organisation for CPQs (Disturbance Lot Quests), which cater a lot of undergo

In my sentiment, Ice/Lightning wizards usually stage the fastest, then Clerics, then Fire/Poison wizards.

How Engrossing It Is

Any grouping equivalent to sport a careful reference depending on how fun it is.

Fire/Poison – Fire/Poison wizards bonk exclusive unaccompanied skills, so they rarely e’er be in parties. They fulfill in El

Nath for most of the second if they requisite to train hot. Tho’, Render Mark allows you to go anywhere

and plant be healthy to punish monsters quite easily.

Ice/Lightning – Ice/Lightning can mob and hump solo skills. Unloving Sign allows them to chilling and kill a

lot of monsters.

Clerics – Clerics are very superior for parties. Alter tho’ they do the least casualty out of all the classes,

they are rattling facilitatory to different organization members because they bang Heal.

In my message, Ice/Lightning is the most absorbing, then Reverend, and finally Fire/Poison.