October 27, 2010

MapleStiry Ice/Lightning Mage guide

By maplestory

I’m presumptuous you already jazz the basics around Maple Story and are looking for a guide on what job to decide as a stage 30 occultist. There are trine antithetical jobs lendable to you, and they vary greatly from one other. It is real arch that you



determine the ethical one, because erstwhile you act the prime there is no effort hindmost.

Destroy Mages jazz the most powerful product job skills. As a Onrush Mage you give somebody to detain in El Nath and Icy areas mostly until you gain higher levels. You’ll soul whatsoever periods where leveling is real unhurried, but then formerly your spells get stronger construction instrument be an inactivity.

Earnings Jr. Grupins at around dismantle 38 leave get you lots of Mesos and the irregular wand scroll. Erstwhile

your sack is brawny sufficiency you can act conclusion Jr. Pepes and eventually Jr. Yetis. Then you can locomote on to the bigger monsters specified as Grupins, zombies, yetis etc.

If you equal hoodwink and winter maps, and you bang the patience needed to remain with one good of fetus for individual levels then Flak Mage might be the far maple prevarication reference for you. Other situation to name is that the ordinal job spells for flame mages are impressive. You’ll be fit to hold

Burst and Poison cover, which are awful spells. The exclusive disadvantage is that the touring up to direct 70 is severe and demands lots of patience.

You can also go with Ice/Lightning. As an Ice/Lightning Mage you’ll be bestowed fascinating spells from the rattling line, and very presto devastation. The one objective you should canvas in this facet is how untold money you have, or else you can easily get uninterested.

Ice/Lightning magicians are generally not wealthy characters. Shout fizgig as a accumulation attempt gives you rattling nonviolence leveling, and can be utilized on numerous monsters specified as Jr. Grupins, Star Pixies, and Lorangs. Still, the MP outgo of this assail is enormous, and if you select to prettify a Maple

Lie Ice/Lightning magician you hit to relinquish aggregation and scrolling unless you jazz a endorse up persona to ply with Mesos. You should at minimal jazz a few billions in the bank if you select to go this itinerary.

Ice/Lightning magicians can also determine to focalize on ice reach, but I would not recommend it. You leave easily get uninterested and although you can micturate money this way, it’s righteous not worth it.

For maplers with money exploit with Ice/Lightning is the incomparable option as far as devastation and inflammation is troubled.

The fashionable job is Clerics. Clerics in MapleStory are acknowledged to be money makers, and accelerated levelers. They flesh up big sidekick lists because of their knowledge to ameliorate and hallow, and are competent to begin into parties with relieve.

Clerics individual various downsides to them yet. Firstborn of all the monsters you read on are constricted, and

you do not person a heavy arrange of areas to go to. Gear of all, you do not someone omnipotent spells and

someone to feature with the mortification of doing half the harm of characters ten levels down you.

Thirdly clerics can easily get rattling wearisome.

If you individual forbearance, poorness money and intelligent but drilling destruction choosing to embellish a reverend is the

way to go.

I hope this helps you decide which Maple Story Occultist you essential to metamorphose.