October 30, 2010

The Most Cheap Way To Buy Nexon Cards Online

By maplestory

I’ve been playing Maplestory for quite some time and let me tell you, it is one of the best MMORPGs out right now. The characters, bosses, and quests are sure to entertain you as much as they’ve entertained millions of players worldwide.

If you are like me, you take pride in your character. After all, you’ve spent countless hours developing its skills. Not only do I personally like to deck out my character in awesome clothing, but I also like to buy EXP cards and Gachapon tickets to level faster and gain better items. Mostpeople prefer purchasing items through their item shop, and I do too because it’s very convenient. Plus, there’s better choices of items and gear for your character as opposed to those in-game only.

I purchase Nexon cash cards frequently, but the NX purchased through Nexon’s website cannot be used for MTS. I wanted to find a reputable online Nexon cash card seller since there’s so many out there in the market. I’ve seen many horror stories about people purchasing from an online seller only to be scammed out of getting their NX, especially on eBay. My friend once purchased Nexon cash from a website claiming fast delivery, but his Nexon cash code was delivered about 13 hours later. By that time, the item he wanted was gone. It’s tricky to find a good online seller of Nexon cards, so you need to choose carefully. That’s why I went ahead and took the time to test out different online Nexon sellers until I found a few reliable ones.

Here are some tips on finding good Nexon card sellers.

(1) Make sure the website has contact information. Most websites will have an email contact information only. Make sure they have a live chat support and a phone number you can call so you can be sure to get in contact with them. Talk to them first and see how willing they are to help you out. If they don’t respond kindly, how do you know if they will later when you purchase from them and run into a problem?

(2) Make sure they have good feedback. If a website does not have good reviews, or seems like they have phony reviews, you know they wrote it themselves to try to look better. A lot of websites have phony reviews. Use your good judgment to see which ones are real, and which ones are fake.

(3) Know your preferences. Do you want your website to deliver instantly or do you want the cheapest price and wait? It’s up to you. The websites with cheaper prices aren’t necessarily the best websites. For example, I bought from and they took forever to deliver. I had to wait hours and hours before I got my Nexon cash. Although the price was cheap, I didn’t think it was worth the mental anguish I suffered waiting for my code to be delivered!

After testing out several online Nexon cash card sellers, these are the results that I’ve come to:

Swagvault and OGpal take hours to deliver my Nexon cash code. When I tried to contact them about my order, their customer service is poor. It didn’t seem like I was of great concern to them and my issues weren’t clearly addressed or handled. ChargeNX does have cheap prices, but took a really long time to deliver the Nexon cash code. I also didn’t like the website layout because everything was a little disorganized. Suddenchaostook two days to deliver the Nexon cash code because I was a new customer. It may vary because they state that returning customers take up to 24 hours and new customers take 48-72 hours. Nexussuperstore is a hassle because new customers have to submit an ID or billing statement in order to have the Nexon cash code delivered. Also, returning customers will have the codes emailed within 24 hours, like Suddenchaos. The website has too many advertisements, so it looks very cluttered.

Overall, I liked NX-World the most because I received the Nexon cash code under 10 minutes! I purchased a second time a week later to test out their consistency, and I received the Nexon cash code in under 10 minutes again! I also tested out their customer service, and it’s great! They’re very quick to respond, professional, and friendly. I definitely found my Nexon cash card seller. You should definitely give them a try if you’re a new or frequent Nexon cash card buyer. I believe they also started an additional website to sell not only Nexon cash cards, but other gaming cards as well at MMO-Access.com.