December 11, 2012

Guild Wars 2 Farming-Where to Find Your Materials

By maplestory

Crafting Disciplines-one of the best sources for badass armor (IMO). Disciplines use items dropped from animals in order to level up the profession. The focus of this guide will be the items which can be found in the “fine crafting section” of the bank. Other, more rarer items, are in another guide, and will be covered more in-depth

Broken into six categories, they are used for most disciplines. While the tiers go up, the items become more specialized for different professions, allowing for the craft of more powerful and rare items.

This will be basically a guide covering the different types of creatures that drop different items. This will help if you are creating farming routes, want to save different coin, or just want to know which animals drop the most of what item. In addition, it can really help with earning money in the auction house. In fact, I get most of my gold from farming-it is definitely the most profitable way to earn money in Guild Wars 2