December 11, 2012 Introduction to Structured PvP

By maplestory

The Structured PvP in Guild Wars 2 is some of the best PvP I have ever played. It’s equal to, and even better than World of Warcrafts. The main difference between these two games, however, is that in Guild Wars 2, no matter your level, you will always be upgraded to the max level cap, with the appropriate equipment. This allows the sPvP system in GW2 to expand more upon skill level than the amount of time one spent within a game.

To start in sPvP, a character has to join the lobby-like area, referred to as the “mists”. Here, you may add on the appropriate equipment, skills, and items, while practicing against test-dummies (AI) or real players. To get to the mists, you can press the “mists hotkey” (currently H unless you changed it) when you enter, the level cap will be automatically boosted to 80, or the current maximum in the game. All the character skills are unlocked, appropriate armor is had (and can be changed at the merchants within the mists if you so please, for free), and your character is free to explore the level 80 plunder that he can so enjoy until he has to inevitably join the real GW2 world again.