December 11, 2012

World versus World Activities Overview

By maplestory

When it comes to world versus, people usually think “Probably need a guild or some form of organized group to get anything done”. This is completely false being that in Guild Wars 2 pvp you can both be in a group AND play alone while still being effective to the victory of your team. We aren’t talking about telling you a secret on how to take down a whole keep by yourself but small things that add up to the overall picture.

BTW im typing this as Hurricane Sandy is threatening to rip off my roof. (video game dedication FTW). Sorry for any typos.

Supply Camp Harassment:

When it comes to large keeps or forts, players require supply to keep a firm hold on the location which involves constructing new siege weapons and repairing the weapons plus the gate/wall. Supple camps send constant dolyaks to these locations to help garrison. Attacking locations works just about the same except the attacking army usually does more destruction than actual repair. The supply camps are scattered across the map in so many locations making it simple to choose a target. If you are a high level and know how to pick NPC target off one by one (or are amazing at juking) a supply camp can be taken by a single person. It time is of the essence a small band of 4-6 random people can take the camp pretty quickly. These small points can have a large impact on the outcome of a larger battle. Besides this activity, the following ones should be easy for fairly small groups to complete without