December 12, 2012

Combat Beta, Combat Academy & XP Reward: Open to All

By maplestory

Combat Academy & Open Beta for All

Those of you playing the Evolution of Combat Beta can now access the Combat Academy: a great way to pick up on the finer points of the new combat system.

Veteran adventurer Lady Deathknell has set up shop in Lumbridge, with her Combat Academy replacing the old melee, magic and ranged training dummies. She has a class full of wide-eyed rookies to beat into shape and she needs a hardy volunteer to help out.

Act as Lady Deathknell’s assistant and you’ll be put through your paces in a set of fully voiced combat trials. You’ll cover everything from basic attacks and the relationship between the styles of combat, right up to more advanced techniques such as damage-over-time effects, exploiting enemy weaknesses and ultimate abilities.

Outside of the training, there’ll also be the opportunity to deploy training dummies – with defensive strengths or weaknesses of your choice – which can be used to test out your latest gear loadout or ability bar setup.

Make it through Deathknell’s rigorous regimen of training in the beta and you’ll have the opportunity to take part in a short survey. With this, we’ll fine-tune the new tutorial to give everyone the know-how they need to become all-conquering combatants. Complete this and you’ll be sent a tasty XP reward in the live game (equivalent to 10 times the XP you’d get from a Jack of Trades aura) on the week commencing with the 19th of November 2012.

Whether you’re daisy-fresh from the Troll Warzone or a grizzled veteran of a thousand battles, we want your feedback on the Combat Academy. The beta is now open to everyone, so log in and enlist now!

Evolution of Combat: Mod Mark’s Big Five!

Watch on for details of Mod Mark’s five favourite Evolution of Combat features:

Make X Interface

Also going into the beta this week is our new Make X Production Interface. This awesome new set of tools streamlines skilling like never before: it displays details of all items that can be made in all skills, gives vital information on skill requirements, components needed, and both Grand Exchange and Alchemy value for however many you’re making, and it does this in one tidy interface. You’ll be able to make Evolution of Combat-specific gear too, so take a look and be sure to let us know what you think!