December 15, 2012

MapleStory website more useful and help foster

By maplestory

MapleStory BotsYou may have noticed that the website that greeted you when you logged in to MapleStory today is a bit different. This is the next stage in our program designed to make the MapleStory website more useful and help foster communication between the MapleStory team and Maplers. Phase I, of course, was the switch to a Web launch system for the game. That allowed us to display important information to players as they logged into and out of the game. The new look for the MapleStory website marks Phase II – creating a website that’s worth coming to.
What’s News?
The biggest change to the MapleStory website is the re-organizing of our news and update section:
Here’s what’s new:
We’ve combined the separate “Notice” and “Event” news section into a larger, easy-to-follow blog-style news crawl. We’ve improved the display for news stories. You can now click on the “+” symbol to get a summary of the story on the main web page along with a “More” link that leads to a separate page with more information.Each story now has a button to share it on Facebook and Twitter. Spread the word!
There’s an archive of recent postings to search through that will get you caught up on the latest Maple doings:
o All the updates have color-coded labels based on the type of notification.o The tab columns atop the story listing can be used to display just the type of story you’re interested in.o The category menu on the left will sort stories based on the type of information you’re looking for.
Fun Stuff
These two sections are where we’ll be putting all of the great new Web-only MapleStory content that doesn’t fit anywhere else.
? The poll section lets you voice your opinion on the big issues in the MapleStory world ? Fun Stuff is where to find new wallpapers, icons, screensavers and miscellaneous silliness!
Keep checking these spaces for new fun stuff!
New Navigation Bar
The new website also sports a new title bar that will help you find what you need faster. Title bar categories:
? News: An alternative way to catch up on the latest MapleStory happenings.? Guide: Everything you need to know about getting started in MapleStory and great information for advanced players. Keep checking this area over the next few months for some exciting new additions.? Ranking: The classic rankings pages. Are you the best of the best?? Forums: Be a part of the MapleStory Community!? Cash Shop: Enhance your MapleStory experience.? Support: Need help? Includes links to our support pages and the MapleStory client downloader.