December 12, 2012

Ghost Recon Online: The Fact That It Is A Difficult Game

By maplestory

Over the course of the Closed Beta, and Open Beta season I have seen players quit Ghost Recon Online because they claim it was too difficult. With the cover system being the main feature of the game, along with special abilities for the three different class it is no wonder why players claim that it is too difficult. Difficult in a sense that this game takes a bit more strategy, skill and especially patience compared to the generic run and gun shooters. In Call of Duty, players run and gun all the time with no sense of hesitation, but being ghost recon is a bit different, running and gunning will get you killed (unless your a recon that has cloak). The cover system is what I think makes this game so difficult, it is either players learn to adapt to a new game setting, or players learn to quit a game so soon. But other than the games mechanics, the level up system is what I also truly see frustrating players. I do agree with the fact that higher level players shouldn’t have a major advantage over lower level players, but with time comes great opportunity. I know it is difficult versing players who have a higher level weapon (which often is considered better than the lower level weapons), with better armor, devices and a major experience gap but that just means it is more difficult to kill them. If you are a true “Ghost” then you will stick it out through good and bad times.

The truth behind Ghost Recon Online is that it is a difficult game that require a lot of tactics, skills, and a whole bunch of luck. The cover system along with the use of abilities will either make the difference between an average player, to a highly competitive player. Anyone can go behind a wall and start shooting, but with the use of effective timing, and a little bit of luck a kill can be reached. I have always talked about luck, but with the critical system having a certain percentage to activate after every shot, it can really make the difference in a battle. Having a critical hit can relieve you from firing one more round into another player, which saves you time, ammo and sometimes your life.

With three classes to choose with from such as an Assault (Assault Rifles, and shotguns), Recon (Snipers and Sub- Machine Guns) and Specialist (Light Machine Guns and Shotguns) it might make it a difficult choice for players to choose from. But along with other variables such as the type of armor, health and even abilities players are always complaining about either other classes being too strong or too weak. Every class has their respective strong points and weak points and should be played accordingly for maximum efficiency. Perhaps it is the lack of knowledge of each class but when you are having trouble with a class, there is another player who excels at it. Know each class, guns, armor and even devices strong and weak points and players shouldn’t have a difficult time choosing. Whether you play the class the way it is suppose to be played, or play the class how ever you want it will be a difficult match if you don’t know what you are doing.

Leveling up and having access to better weapons is what players sometimes complain about. Also known as a leveling system, players are being frustrated with players having better access to weapons. Here is how difficult it gets facing a higher level player. I know the cheytac or dragunov is much better than the GI~level 10 snipers, or the f2000 having better control than the super fast firing sar-21 c assault but these weapons are much better (stat wise than the lower level weapons). The armor difference between a low level armor and a high level armor is huge. Players who have high level armor, either move faster, or receive more hits compared to a lower level. Devices can also be an issue as the squad device can give a little boost to players. Devices can range from faster device recharge, gunshot detector to more armor. Having a high level device ability can mean a player can use that ability more often, have better effects and/or be much more deadly than a low level using the exact same device. Other than the controls of the game, this is one huge factor that makes the game a bit more difficult. Facing a team of higher levels can ultimately spell defeat if your team cannot counter attack. But don’t be discourage just because these players have higher level armor than you. By playing the game fluently and giving your best shot tactically, and skillfully these “higher level” enemies will not bother you. Take upon the challenge and if you are a low level beating a high level with full equipment, imagine what you can do once you buy full high level gear and weapons. Just because these enemies have a higher advantage stat wise, doesn’t mean that they are invincible. This will help you become a better player as you know that the enemy has an upper hand while you try your best to kill them.

This game has a steep learning curve, so steep that Ghost Recon Online has implemented a matchmaking system only for low levels (1-5). This goes to show, with a lot of quitting threads and posts that this game is not your typical shooter. With a difficulty that is evident, players who quit always say that this game should not be recommended to anyone. I agree that this game shouldn’t be recommended for anyone, anyone who can’t take a good skill base challenge.