December 12, 2012

There are some really negative comments here about RaiderZ

By maplestory

There are some really negative comments here about this game. Most of them i wouldn’t take into account considering their first sentence is either all in capitals or contains profanity.

The game is unique, in that it employs a more skill based fighting system in an open world setting. There are other games that use this style, however. Other games tend to be instanced based and sometimes have a Stamina system that make it hard to play for more than 2 hours at a time before putting money into the game. RaiderZ is fun and lets you mix and match classes, but because the level cap is low it really is not wise if you want to be effective. Playing with a group of friends, and trying to defeat some of the larger bosses is a lot of fun. End game is the same as every other mmo, grind grind grind the same thing over and over.

I reached lvl 35 within a week and still had quests to turn in by that point. If you do quests you should have no issue with leveling at a decent speed. PVP is a little broken considering that Clerics really have no hope and some classes can stun you till you are dead. The voice acting is pretty bad at this stage, party composition doesn’t matter (which can be nice in certain situations), armor designs are pretty, and the GM’s are little cheaters. Total biscuit played with some and his cleric kept maxing out their health and mana. Shame on those GM’s.