January 3, 2013

Don’t miss, this will be the gift to you!

By maplestory

Dear customers, the annual Christmas came finally, merry Christmas.

December 20 ,2012 till Jan 10 ,2013 , we will carry out the activities of plentiful Gold presented! Activity details are as follows:

Activity 1 ): You will have a chance to get a large amount of free mesos if you purchase here from now on .  if you buy 2000m for one purchase , you can get free 50m as the bonus ; 4000m , get free 100 ;  the more you buy , the more free mesos you get !

Activity 2):If you dont need that much mesos for one order,less than 2000m  , can you still get the free mesos ?  No worries ,pls. if you buy 10000m for the cumulated perchases during our promotion time , you can still get free 100 as the bonus !  Isn’t it so wonderful?!

Activity 3): many players may ask if i dont buy mesos , if i buy nexon cash , will i have the chance to get the free stuff ? the answer is “yes!”  if you buy 10k nexon cash for one order, you still can  get the 10m free mesos.

Note: Santa Claus will on your side at any time, so after you bought gold, please keep your phone is switched on, and our customer service will contact at the first time!

Free mesos are waving to you ,what are you waiting for ? Just take action and get them !