January 17, 2015

The “Crimsonwood Keep” expansion of MapleStory



Nexon America Inc. unveils one of the largest expansions in the history of MapleStory Mesos, adding to the continent of Masteria and delivering a truly new gaming experience to one of the most beloved games in North America, with over 5.9 million players.

The “Crimsonwood Keep” expansion delivers a wealth of new content including 31 new maps, 11 unique enemies, 12 extensive, story-focused quests and a collection of new weapons and objects maplestory mesos. The update will also give pets an additional skill and improve the user interface with language filter updates and additional platforming features.

MapleStory has accumulated over 87 actor users common by creating a absurd online world. One of the a lot of accepted places in the MapleWorld is the abstemious of Masteria. Here players will get a adventitious to analyze the broadcast Phantom Forest, which is abounding with leprechauns, wraiths, the Headless Horseman and a new bang-up monster, Bigfoot.

Players who cross their way through the backwoods will ability the Crimsonwood Mountain, featuring abundant new enemies and arduous platform-style bold play.

MapleStory’s acceptance has aswell led to the aperture of a new server-Yellonde. To bless the new opening, Nexon will accolade the top 75 ranked players beyond the aboriginal ages with prizes!