January 25, 2015

Mapleatory level improvement tips


1.Get your Aboriginal Job Advancement. Each chic has a altered adjustment of accepting their advancements.

If you’re an Explorer to get maplestory mesos, yield the auto in Lith Harbor to your corresponding city-limits (ex. Thieves go to Kerning City). Then allocution to your corresponding job advance leader. If you’re a Cannoneer, afterwards you get off the island, go and allocution to Kyrin for your 1st job. Dual Bladers aswell go to the Kerning City-limits and allocution to the Dark Lord, but they allocution to Syl if they’re akin 20.

For Cygnus Knights, acquire a adventure and go to a Chief Knight so you can aces your chic (ex. Blaze Wizards go to Oz for their 1st Job).

Arans just charge to bang on the behemothic Pole Arm in Rien.

After accomplishing the quests, Evans will alpha their 1st Growth.

Resistance associates will accept a letter that will move them to the Resistance Headquarters. Then they allocution to Belle (Wild Hunter), Brighton (Battle Mage), or Cheeky (Mechanic). Despite getting a Resistance character, Demon Slayers does not chase this method.

Mercedes, Demon Slayers, Jett, Luminous, and the Nova Classes automatically get their 1st jobs afterwards the cutscenes.

2.Do some quests. Quests accord a acceptable bulk of EXP in the aboriginal levels, but they aren’t account it afterwards you’re akin 25. Some adventure rewards advertise for millions of mesos in the Free Market (ex. Subani’s Legacy gives 60% Gloves for Attack scroll, which can advertise for eight actor depending on your server)

3.Get your job specific hat. At akin 18, you should get a bulletin from your job adviser allurement you to annihilate a assertive monster. Afterwards finishing the quest, you will get a hat that gives 12 of your capital stat.

4.Join a Affair Adventure if you get to akin 20. In any city, go to the Dimensional Mirror, accept a affair quest, and ask to accompany a party. If it is your aboriginal time, acquaint them so they can abrupt you and accord you tips. Affair questing is a abundant way to accretion acquaintance fast and is aswell actual fun. Sometimes you may get aliment such as Squishy Shoes, Broken Glasses and added accurate stuff! However, you can’t do the Henesys (Moon Bunny‚Äôs Rice Cake), Kerning City-limits (First Time Together), or the Ludibrium (Dimensional Crack) affair quests afterwards akin 69!