June 25, 2018

The Top Tips and Tricks for Tera Priest in 2018

By maplestory

If you’re looking to play a support class, a healer in TERA, then the TERA Priest class is your best pick. With a vast range of support and healing skills and abilities, the Priest can easily turn the tide of any group battle at a disadvantage. Priests are pure healers the gods have given them the power to create and sustain other peoples lives they can heal wounds, cure sickness, bring members of their party together and also bring back the fallen. Also they have been imbued with the power of retribution Priests can call upon divine fire from the heavens, shock their enemies with lighting bolts and inflict plagues upon the masses of enemies. A easy way for you to gain tera gold fast is to tera gold buy on U4GM. If you want to buy cheapest gold, just make sure to spare some time to join in our site.

Priest guide: Skills

Primarily composed of healing abilities which range from instant direct heals to AoE direct heals to HoT AoE heals, the priest excels at healing themselves and the party. Following that the priest gains an AoE direct heal which features Tera’s special lock-on system: Soothing Light. Buffing is also an essential part of the priest’s role; gaining two abilities: “Blessing of Might” and “Blessing of Protection” they are also valuable assets for their short term buffs, recently released we also learned of the priests “Guardian Armor” ability which reduces damage taken by the entire party, finally they also boast a +10% speed buff! Despite their name the priest is not locked-down to simply healing and buffing.

Tera Priest


Strong ground heals
Pure Healer Class – AoE can be OK, but they’re the pure healing class of Tera.
Buffs to the group to increase stats.

Squishy – They don’t use heavy armors so tend to be fragile
Ground heals can be hard to target maneuverable tanks like Warriors

Utilities: Threat is often times a big issue for us in mmos.. if we get it we get hit on and that ends up ruining the chance for us to heal the party. Well, the anti aggro ability is warmly welcomed to our skill set!
Probably one of the best idea’s to come to the healer archetype would be the new party teleport ability that the priest has, a warmly welcomed addition as well for our skill set!

Damage: Similarly to most “modern mmo’s” TERA’s priest is not without the ability to protect itself, with two potent AoE abilities released thus far and a single target spell we can dish out some great damage in between buffing and healing!

Debuffs: Probably one of the most brilliant idea’s is the ability for the priest to put a target to sleep. This ability will greatly increase the priests ability to survive in the field. (How many times have we all wondered as a healer “WHY AREN’T THEY CCING!”. Well now we can stop worrying!

Likewise you cannot have a main healer without heals! The priest is a unique class in which its heals come out in many strange forms. This class has AoE HoT’s which greatly increase the regeneration rate, and direct AoE they can output. Following the implementation of the cursor target “AoE” heal this class pretty much speaks for itself when it comes to healing! Also I strongly believe the resurrection skill speaks for itself!

The priest is the primary healer. Likewise it is important to have a strong defence. The priest focuses in on protection through their buffs. Leaning towards defence over attack at a 3-1 score the priest defines it’s role clearly. Self buffs like barrier greatly increase the survivability of the priest. Following that buffs such as Speed Buff which the priest boasts is a brilliant utility which is useful in almost any situation! Party buffs like Blessing of Protection and Blessing of Might and Guardian Armor are highly tuned party buffs which will turn the priest from a necessity in a group into a member opened with welcomes arms. These short term buffs are highly potent and if kept on a party will show a significant increase in party productivity. https://www.u4gm.com/tera-gold