October 22, 2018

The Comprehensive List of Things We Know About Fallout 76

By maplestory

There’s plenty of misinformation floating around, and people not however as much as date, so I thought I’d take a minute and compile the information. Please let me know if I’ve missed something massive; I’ll be updating this list for an even though.

Fallout 76- guide

1. Release Timing

  • Fallout: 76 releases November 14, 2018.
  • Beta (“Break-it Early Test Application”) is coming quickly, but no date has been set.
  • For access for the beta, you must pre-order the game.
  • By way of u/SUCK-PIT: Beta access will probably be out there for Xbox owners initially. On Pc, you may only play the beta by way of Bethesda.net.

2. Setting

  • The game is definitely an online “softcore” survival RPG, with both PvP and PvE content material.
  • The game requires the place in West Virginia, 25 years following the bombs fell.
  • The map is 4 occasions the size of Fallout four, with six distinct regions: The Forest (exactly where Vault 76 is positioned), The Mire, Toxic Valley, Savage Divide, Ash Heap, and Cranberry Bog. Each and every region has its own “risks and rewards.”
  • You might be a member of a managed vault, Vault 76, as well as the game begins on Reclamation Day: the day everybody exits the vault and returns towards the surface globe.

3. On the internet

  • The game will be online-only: it is possible to play solo, but not probable to play offline.
  • Even when playing solo, you will be matched with other players. “Private worlds” are going to be attainable down the line, but most likely not at launch.
  • The game will have dedicated servers, which will be live “for years to come”.
  • Your character just isn’t tied to a single server. There is no server browser; you may “never see a server.”
  • Game sessions will have “dozens” of other players, not hundreds or thousands.
  • You will be capable to join your friends “whenever you want” and bring all of your progression.
  • Likely limit of four players per squad, whose HP and level you could see at any time.

4. Game Mechanics

  • VATS exists and operates precisely the same as in Fallout 4, but real-time.
  • If you are not excellent at aiming, you’ll be able to construct your character to be excellent at VATS.
  • HP, AP seems to be the same as Fallout 4.
  • Basic demands (hunger, thirst) are present, and becoming thirsty seems to limit your max AP.
  • Enemy players show as red dots on your compass bar right after attacking you. When they seem may be associated with Perception, distance, time, or some other things.
  • Settlement creating is done using the C.A.M.P device (Construction & Assembly Mobile Platform). You find flat ground, drop the CAMP (which appears to cost caps), and can then build.
  • You’ll be able to develop settlements wherever you desire and move your settlement to wherever you need.
  • Settlement constructing menu is a bit more streamlined but very similar in layout to Fallout 4’s.
  • You still use scrap components to develop, like aluminum, oil, gear, screws, etc. Some items also require having levels of certain perks.
  • Workshop “budgets”, which enforce a max number of items, are still around.
  • Power armor is back, and still customizable with different paint jobs.

5. PvE Content material

  • There will still be quests; there is certainly the main questline. Quests can be given by terminals, holo tapes, etc.
  • There are no NPCs.
  • There are still robots, holo tapes, and terminals. Many the quests and story are going to become “found world” style, like plenty of quests, were in FO3 and FO4.
  • Some enemy types that we’ve seen in gameplay include Super Mutants, robots, feral ghouls, death claws, “Snallygasters”, “Scorchbeasts”, and a mega sloth.
  • There is a level system and a perk system.
  • The game is going to be treated as a service, with end-game content like raids and more coming down the line. The plan is to be adding to the game constantly.
  • Once they figure out what they’re lacking and what people today want, they will start adding it towards the game.

6. PvP Content

  • “Every surviving human is an actual person.” In other words, the only other humans in the game are the other players.
  • PvP is still becoming tweaked. They don’t want the game to be “grief in any way” but they do want “drama”.
  • It is possible to “decide” to do PvP. They are still balancing the incentives for becoming aggressive, versus ignoring other players (both social and in-game incentives.)
  • You’ll see other players whilst playing solo. You are able to interact with them, or you could “ignore” them. Whether they can still kill you is unknown.
  • You are able to get caps for killing other players. Whether this is always true, or only when they’ve been killing other players 1st, is unknown.
  • Death never means the loss of progression or your character.
  • There is an emote wheel for “conversations” with other players. Presumably, trade between players is probable.
  • The map has multiple (at least four) nuclear missile sites. Sites are locked behind a set of keys, which can be found on creatures in the globe.
  • Once you obtain all the missile keys to get a site, you are able to select a location on the map and drop a nuke on it.
  • “Rare and valuable resources” can be found in irradiated zones just after a nuke is dropped, along with tougher monsters

7. Other

  • Mods will not be possible at launch, but will definitely be added post-launch.

  • Many creatures are inspired by West Virginia folklore

  • There’s a whole screenshot / photography system, where you can pose, add depth of field, photo frames, textures, lighting, etc.

  • Some confirmed locations: Charleston Capitol Building, Camden Park, Woodburn Hall

  • Collector’s edition includes a glow-in-the dark world map, 24 Fallout miniatures, and a T-51 Power Armor helmet with a voice modulator. And also some in-game cosmetic items.

Todd Howard from Bethesda has stated that the currency used to buy FO76 items are going to be earnable in-game or purchasable from genuine money. https://www.u4gm.com/fallout-76-items