July 9, 2020

NBA 2K21 Tips for Master your Playbook

By maplestory

Whether you try a fast break or return to the player who wants to score, it is tempting to chargeback and forth on the court. However, the continuous sprint will affect your people throughout the game, so too much use of the button in the first two quarters will suffer at a critical moment. Now, NBA2K21MT shares the NBA 2K21 tips for “mastering your script” with you. As a professional NBA 2K21 MT store, NBA2K21MT can provide you with safe, fast, and cheap MT.

Unless the opponent takes a counterattack quickly, re-defense does not require a sprint. Take time and pay attention to the marks, so you know where to go. When attacking the rim, be patient during the fixed game, or pass the ball to others to find a space. Necessarily, develop strategies without increasing player fatigue.

Many people ignore the NBA 2K21 Pelican script from the jump because it is not suitable for the team style. However, it has changed since then and is now in a completely different position. The eight games Hemmi2K has experienced are:

Fist 21 cross (grip)
15 rounds of the fist (snapshot)
Fist 15 flexion angle (toggle)
Five fists (throw)
Fast 21 flash (three-pointer)
Quick floppy disk scissors (3 point play)
Hurry up 3 (three-pointer)
Fast 3-pin (3 o’clock playback)

Now, this is based on an online script, so some caveats need to be noted. If necessary, you can eliminate most of these games, but the goal is to get three vacancies from these games. After all, if you want to pick and roll or just drive, then you spend a lot of time in random online head-to-head games.

Also, when it is stipulated that everyone in the team can shoot, it is best to use the script. Of course, this is another general element of playing games online this year, because the impact of jumping is so collective, so playing outside the court is more important than usual. For example, if you use MyTeam to play, then you must almost have a big man to shoot.

With this in mind, the most exciting thing about this script is that it involves imagining that you have JJ Redick on your team. You will see Redick running a lot of guards out every night, multiple screens, and off-court actions. Therefore, these games are not really about taking advantage of your JRue or Zion equivalent but are related to the Redick or Ingram equivalent.

This is not the most imaginative script classification, because many scripts follow the same rhythm, but since the conversion of freelancers to freelancers, some people starved to five sets. Therefore, this script is one of the options; at least you can get some diversity in your game when playing in an extended system. Most importantly, you want to keep your opponent balanced, instead of running a pick-and-roll every time on the field, fast STS, or anything else. (Or, if you play a lot of MyTeam, one of the most popular options has become the 2013 Heat script.)

Since it is an off-court game, it is also interesting to consider how to change the gameplay after considering these habits. When a person is stuck on the screen by the AI ​​defender and burned to sit on the big man, you may see some people try to hedge and jump off these screens. In this case, you can use the backdoor option, or control the player without the ball and defend through timely backdoor cuts or basket attacks.

Anyway, now what scripts do you use offline and online in NBA 2K21? Do some of you spend time setting up games before random online games? Are you still just using the team’s script for your franchise, or are you changing it to include a text from elsewhere? Let me listen.