March 26, 2010

Seans godmode v8.3

By maplestory

Download the fileextract it to desktopput the BGM and BGMconfig files into your maplestory folderalso put the ijl15 file in folder, when it comes up saying that there is already this file in maplestory folder just click copy and replace (or something like that)after you have done all this go to maplestory folder and find BGMconfig and open it with the second row you will see number of blinks 2 change this to around 10-20 up to you.set the number of blinks to whatever you want it doesnt matter! reason why i put 10-20 is so you get hit every once and one to make it look a bit mapelstorry then it will say BGM injected click oklog in game and f1 turns the BGM on and off.just a quick and easy tut on godmode for v82edit: this GM does not work with multiple ms!!creditz- Seancredits for making easy tut – (me)