March 26, 2010

The definition of hackers MapleStory

By maplestory

Hacking is defined as the unauthorized use of computer and network resources, it may, therefore, be considered to be cheating. In MapleStory, there are a number of hacks employed by a player in order to cheat. Examples of cheating in the game are to make your character jump higher than the average players, fly, have infinite HP / MP, and it can even change the character’s level and amount of statistics and mesos.
Every time a new patch is updated for the game, a new hack patch is created to overwrite it and thus modify that new game patch. But some advanced hacked patches do not need to be re-patched since it has a special private code which can bypass the patches each time MapleStory updates its game. Sometimes, hacked patches result in messing up the game for the players: the enemies may start to fly or move quicker around the screen than usual. Hacking of MapleStory is an offense which carries a suspension of up to 60 days. Cheating, just like in other things in life, is very much frowned upon since it creates an unbalancing effect in the entire game play.
Cheating in MMORPGs
Aside from the usual cheating employed by some players during the actual game-playing, there also persists a type of cheating in on-line games known as social cheating. These are based on real-life tricks or scams that take advantage of the lack of experience and greed of new players.
These scams will often take the form of uneven trades or outright bad-faith during trading of in-game items. Players willfully misrepresent the value of their goods to new players. Many substitute look-alike worthless items for valuable ones while others offer to improve items (by crafting raw materials or enhancing equipment) and then just walk away with the item to be improved.
I am sure many are aware of some scams and fraudulent practices employed by unscrupulous people on the internet to get personal information of individuals which they will then use in illegal and, in many cases, even criminal activities.
On-line gaming has also fallen prey to this type of activity. Social engineering is often used to steal the players’ login information. Scammers will pose as a member of the staff of the game, either in e-mail or in the game itself, and ask for the players’ login information under any number of pretexts. In return, the scammer will offer cheating or automation services to the players. Some require that the player give their information as part of initiation into a (nonexistent) clan.
Some Types of Cheats
User Settings
Sometimes a player will alter the settings within the game to make it suit their style of play or system. These changes are generally not cheating, except in extreme circumstances. Changing the keyboard layout to make it easier to use is usually acceptable. But changing the in-game player models and textures, or adjusting the brightness or gamma in order to make it easier to see in dark areas can be considered as cheating.
Cheat Codes and other Hints
Below are examples of some cheat codes which are easily found on the Internet. Just enter the following codes during game play to activate the corresponding cheat function.
To flip screen right side up:[Ctrl] + [Alt] + [Up]
To flip screen upside down:[Ctrl] + [Alt] + [Down]
To minimize the game:Press Alt + Tab
To skip level:Press + . This can only be used once a month
For extra mesos:Drop about 10 Mesos. It will become 15 Mesos when picked up.
Easy experience for spellcasters:Go to Ellinia and buy some potions. Then find and fight some slimes and snails. Fight until your life, mana, and potions run out. You should have enough money to buy more potions. Do so, restore yourself, and fight again.
For easy Money:To get easy money, just battle and pick up your drops. You should also pick up other members’ because some of them won’t pick them up.
Free Money and Items:Go through the portal beside the Henesys taxi and you will find yourself in an extremely crowded place. This is where a lot of people go to board the train, but many of them just leave their items lying on the ground. Just kill one snail and collect as many items as possible!
To change background musicIf you want to change the music, Go to “System Options” and click on the check box beside “BGM” which says mute. Then open a file that has music and then continue playing. When you resume playing, the music will automatically replace the repetitive music.
Raising a Luck Dagger Thief:Re-roll until you have 4 INT and 4 STRMake sure your DEX is always twice as much as your level (ex. level 2 = 4 DEX). Everything goes to your LUK. Basically it is 2 DEX 3 LUK.