March 27, 2010

How to make 10-20mil in 30mins

By maplestory

This is a scam i did and i earned 10-20mil in 30mins easily.
Im not sure which sections to post the post
This scam is simple and not complicated like some scams.
YOU ONLY NEED ABOUT 1Mil + to do this scam.
1. Use crazymulti ( allows u to play 2maples on 1 pc) or get 2 computers or a friend.
2. Purchase a scroll (glove for att 60% or claw for att 60% or wand for magic atk 30% etc. BUT NO DEF SCROLLS AND CRAPPY SCROLLS LIEK THAT)
3. Say you bought a Glove atk scroll 60% for 8mil, go to free market entrance and on 1 pc/person say S> Glove for ATT 15MIL.
4. Make the other pc/person say BUYING GLOVE SCROLL 60% 25MIL. (Be sure to say it different so that they know that its someone else).
5. Once someone sees that someone is buying that scroll for a high price and they dont have that scroll but want to make a profit they see u selling it for a pretty high price but its the quickest way to get that scroll b4 someone else sells it to your friend/pc so they buy it off u for high price.
6. RUN after they buy the scroll off u.
REMBER: if someone else tries to sell you that scroll your buying to ur friend/pc trade them and when they put that scroll in just exit trade and continue with the scamming and ignore them if they spam next to u that ur scamming. REemeber that 1 person stays on one side of the fm and the other person stays on the other side. after a successfull scam remeber to do it again after liek 10mins so no on notices u.